Yard House Northridge with Its Happy Hour

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Yard House Northridge

If you come to Yard House Northridge in California for the first time, the chances are you would be coming into crowded place full of people of all ages. If such case happens to you, then you must have come in time of happy hour. It is actually a period of time in which the foods and drinks are served with special offers compared to its usual ones.

In the matter of this, the happy hour does not last quite long nor does it happen every day. For the happy hour of Yard House Northridge, it can be divided into two. The first one is held from Monday to Friday on 3PM to 6PM. As for the second one, it is Late Night Happy Hour from Sunday to Wednesday on 10PM till closed. Try coming at one or two of those periods and see how you will be served with special offers.

In the Happy Hour daylight, you will have many selections of foods and delicacies that come with quite lower price than usual. For the late night one, the draft beer is what you can enjoy till drop. Simply said, Yard House Northridge is just the place for you.

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