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Windansea La Jolla Beach: Things To Do There for Non-Surfer

Written by Jhony Dip · 1 min read >
Windansea La Jolla Beach

Windansea La Jolla, California, is the main location to visit when you love surfing. The beach is the location when many, many surfers visit to conquer the waves and currents. Well, what if you are not surfer, what can you do in that beach? Thankfully, the beach is not only for surfers. There are plenty other things that you can do in the location. Some of them are:


Sandstone Rocks Sunbathing

The signature look of Windansea La Jolla is the numerous sandstones scattered around the beach. The sandstones provide visitors with the perfect area for sunbathing. This is what most visitors do when they are not surfing in the ocean. They lay on the sandstone and get sunbathed, which is quite enjoyable and satisfying to do at the beach.


The Ocean Gazing

The view at the beach is like amazing. The view is pretty much like something coming straight out of fantasy world with the blue ocean and white sand. There are also sandstones standing tall across the beach and there is the infamous Windansea shack that people love to take a look at and have picture with. Ocean gazing at this beach is surely the one you do not want to miss.


Meditating and Finding Tranquility

The existence of the high sandstones provides the beach with sectioned areas. You can find tranquility and peace at the beach by the sandstones wall because less people are there and they do not actually make the beach crowded in the first place. Meditating in the location is surely working, especially when you come really early in the morning or before sunrise.


Shoreline Swimming

The sea at the beach is not particularly safe for swimmers. However, when you just light swim at the shoreline, you will be fine. This is what most people at the beach do when they are not surfing. Shoreline swimming is a great way to enjoy the majestic view of the Californian beach.

The beach is considered one of the best tourist destinations in California. However, it does not mean that the beach will be crowded and make it hard for you to enjoy the entire trip. The lack of facilities at the beach is probably done intentionally to drive tourists away and to keep only a few of them at the beach to enjoy the view of the beautiful Windansea La Jolla beach California.


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