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What Red River Gorge Fall Can Offer to Visitors

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What Red River Gorge Fall Can Offer to Visitors

What does Red River Gorge Fall mean and what is its significance in the area? If you are in Kentucky and you are one of those nature lovers, you should definitely come to Red River Gorge. You can enjoy the view and the surrounding, even if you aren’t into nature so much. What can you do in the area, anyway?


Red River Gorge Fall and Its Specialty

In Kentucky, you can find Daniel Boone National Forest. Red River Gorge is a part of the area within that national forest. Red River Gorge is a canyon system located in east to central Kentucky, covering around 120 square kilometers or 29,000 acres of land.

Red River Gorge itself is unique for the cliff formations, rock shelters, high sandstone walls, and also caves. The cliff formations look similar to natural bridges and arches. You can find natural sandstone arches there. In fact, you can find 100 of them in different sizes.

Another interesting thing about this area is the interesting foliage, especially in the fall. The leaves turn red and orange-ish, creating a very breathtaking scene. The first of reddish fall colors typically appear in the area in September – usually in the early of the month.

The leaves usually change in higher elevations first, taking place in the eastern area. Afterwards, the change will expand to the lower area toward the western side. The color change has its peak in the end of October or the in the early November.


Fall Colors Change

The best place to see the fall colors is at the Natural Bridge State Resort Park. This Natural Bridge is 22 meters long and 19 meters high, one of the biggest natural bridges in the area. You can reach it through Natural Bridge Trail that is 5 kilometers long.

Another spot is the Gray Arch, which you can access through Gray Arch Trail that is 6 kilometers long. You can also go to Hanson Point, which is accessible through Pinch ‘em Tight Trail that is 8 kilometers long.

If you are interested in taking a bird’s view, you can use the Skylift, which is situated in Natural Bridge State Resort Park. You can even take a kayak or a canoe to explore the area. Everything is fun and super easy to do.


Other Natural Appeals

Even when it’s not fall, Red River Gorge offers wonderful view and outdoor experience. You don’t have to be a nature lover to enjoy the peaceful surrounding and the fresh air. Many people who come there stated that they love the vibe and the view even though they aren’t exactly outdoor people.

Thinking about spending some times there? No worries. There are lodgings and accommodations where you can spend some nights there. You can also find restaurants and places to eat. Spending some outdoor times at the spot can be quite relaxing.

Doing outdoor activities is definitely a breeze. Besides the natural arches and bridges, you can also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, and a simple natural walking. There are courses and classes for beginners, if you are interested.


Final Words

You can visit the official website to learn more about the place or to make reservations. Make sure to plan out carefully before heading out to Kentucky. You will be awed by Red River Gorge Fall view, especially if you spend some nights there.



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