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The Goldstrike Hot Springs for You Who Crave for Some Adventures

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The Goldstrike Hot Springs for You Who Crave for Some Adventures 1

Have you heard about Goldstrike hot springs? If you love adventurous trip that requires you to pump and got yourself in control with that adrenaline rush, this hot spring is a great option you can choose when visiting Vegas area. For landscape photography enthusiasts, this could be a great story to tell: adventurous trip to get to the heaven in the world!

Make sure not to visit Goldstrike hot springs in May-September. This is due to extremely high temperature of this Nevadan area itself. Plus, remember that the access road isn’t easy at all. In order to get to the spectacularly scenic hot springs, you must deal with the struggle of 8-rope course, which boulder size is similar to a house size.

Aside from getting a hike through ‘enthralling’ trek with ropes, opt to take a kayak upstream on the Colorado River passing through the majestic Black Canyon. Either way is not only challenging, but also giving you the wildlife vibes dolled in a relaxing natural attraction.

Most people are opting to go with the hike, starting off from parking area at the trailhead Highway 93. Gravel trailhead is what you should embark on to begin the journey, located just before the memorial bridge (Pat Tillman-Hoover Dam Mike). Descending trek you should take once reaching this spot, and Gold Strike Canyon is what you will pass before reaching the refreshing Colorado River.

The total distance may not be that far, around 2 miles for one-way trek to reach Goldstrike hot springs Nevada. However, due to the subduing boulders that should be climbed with a 20-foot rope (plus, it doesn’t suit novices at all), expect up to 3 or 4-hour or trekking for one-way trek. If you desire to go on full-day adventure, you can experience the hot spring’s utmost potential.

The Goldstrike Hot Springs for You Who Crave for Some Adventures 2

The landscape too isn’t something that you will forget after a day or two. The red canyon walls are sprinkled with some innate plantation like desert bighorn sheep, a vibrant one to reenergize your morale. There is a checkpoint that will help you to prepare yourself with water supplies and sugar and salt to avoid dehydration.

Starting off this checkpoint, the real struggle comes more legit. The trek is mostly descending, yet the trek isn’t that easy since you need to reach the pools situated at the bottom by tackling those boulders. Since the spot is basically a hotbed for geothermal activity, Goldstrike canyon is home for loads of hot pools and waterfalls. Not to forget, you can find grottos here and there near the area of Goldstrike hot springs.

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