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The Beauty of Red River Gorge Double Arch Trail Is One That You Shouldn’t Miss

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The Beauty of Red River Gorge Double Arch Trail Is One That You Shouldn’t Miss

One destination that you shouldn’t miss is the Red River Gorge double arch route. It offers a stunning view of natural rocks in the national park. As one of the most popular treks for hiking, the trail is a good place to introduce nature to your family. Even more so since it’s one of the best nature spots in all of Kentucky.


Where Is Red River Gorge Double Arch And How to Get There

Technically, the area’s name is the Red River Gorge Geological Area in the Daniel Boone National Park. Located in the heart of Kentucky, the trail offers scenic views of forest and ridge. The natural rock formations such as the Haystack Rock and the Courthouse Rock are hard to miss from this trail.

Being in the heart of Kentucky, it’s easy to get to this trek. You can the Mountain Parkway and take exit 33 to get to Tunnel Ridge Road. Follow the road until you get to the Auxier Ridge Parking Area.

The trail is open all year round, but you should double-check with the Forest Service for the latest information on the weather conditions. This is crucial if you plan to camp in the area. Also, don’t forget to obtain the required permit and passes if you plan to do more than just hike on the trail.

The Beauty of Red River Gorge Double Arch Trail Is One That You Shouldn’t Miss

Activities You Can Do in The Trail

As part of the Daniel Boone National Park, the trail offers several activities that you can do. Whether alone or with friends and families, the Double Arch offers numerous activities for you to know and become close to nature.


1.       Hiking

Most people choose to hike on the trail because it’s quite short. At only 2.25 miles, you can have a quick day hike on the trail. The average time to complete the trek is only a little over two hours. That is why, you will meet many people doing day hikes near sunset time.

You also can bring your pup along and have a fun day hiking with them. Anyway, you may need to keep them on the leash on some parts. And don’t forget to carry their bags to keep the trail clean.


2.       Camping

Most people camp on the nearby Auxier Ridge Trails which is only 2 miles away from Double Arch. Before you camp, make sure that you have the necessary permit and choose the best place. Several areas still have heavy vegetation which makes it difficult to notice the edges.


3.       Running

A cross-country runner will enjoy running in the dirt route like in the Double Arch trail. The trek is moderately challenging with the first mile being gravel. You also can challenge yourself by going to the Courthouse Rock Trail.

Being a popular destination, you can be sure there are several supply stores, restaurants, and even lodgings nearby. The national forest also has a zipline, tunnel, and other nature spots worth a visit. Even an impromptu trip to the Red River Gorge Double Arch will still be a memorable experience for you.

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