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Swimming with Dolphins in Destin Florida: The Price, Scheduling Scheme, and Other Things to Know

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Swimming with Dolphins in Destin Florida

Is it possible to have swimming with dolphins in Destin Florida? Yes, it is! If you plan to fill this upcoming holiday with a day or two around Destin, you better bookmarked this page and share this information to your loved ones. Why so? They will learn some details of the trip to Destin Florida and the idea of swimming with dolphins.

Before leaving for swimming with dolphins in Destin Florida, there are several details you’d love to know about the activities. Knowing these details will help you to learn what you will need to make this trip an unforgettable experience to enjoy, at least once in your lifetime.

How much will be swimming cost you?

If you are visiting the Destin 30 area in the state of Florida, then you better take a short drive to Panama City Beach first. From there, you can participate in Shell Island dolphin tours to take a cruise there for around 30 minutes from Destin.

The price starts at $103 (US) and there will be some tax involved as well. You may need more for the gratitude charge.


What is the schedule?

If referring to the aforementioned dolphin trip (Water Planet), there are morning and afternoon tours provided. If you are taking one-day dolphin tour in this city (Panama City), the length of the trip will be around 4 hours. The tour will begin at 8:30 AM or 1:00 PM, where you check in and get your snorkeling gear. Then, the rest of the trip will be scheduled as follows:

  • 9:00 AM or 1:30 PM, you will be given orientation by the Water Planet staff. They will explain a glimpse of dolphin body and how to surround yourself with lovely dolphins. Some other details will also be given out for further information.
  • At 9:30 AM or 2:00 PM, the swim tour will be carried out.

Keep in mind the tour may depend on the weather condition, water visibility, and the whereabouts of the dolphins.


What is the best time to see dolphins in Destin?

According to a source, the best time to see dolphins in Destin will be around daybreak. That said, that’d be recommended if you choose a tour that allows you to choose time around 10 AM-noon and 2 PM-sunset.


What beaches you can see dolphins from sand?

You can see them from Eglin Beach and Henderson Beach. However, if you want to swim with dolphins Florida, then you can visit the Panama City Beach as aforementioned, or in Destin-Fort Walton Beach.

Now, you know a bit about swimming with dolphins around Florida. What to wait? Now, it’s time to find a swim tour agent for a day of swimming with dolphins in Destin Florida!

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