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Swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii and Some FAQs to Help Your Bucket List Checked

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Swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii and Some FAQs to Help Your Bucket List Checked

If one of your bucket lists is to swim with manta rays in Hawaii, you better do some research to make it happen. Will it be possible to have it with a tour? Which place in Hawaii that it is possible to do so? Plus, how much budget should you prepare in order to make the dream comes true?

We know it is not that easy to do some research, and that’s why we’ll help you to do it. Find out below some FAQs related to your question about swim with manta rays in Hawaii.


First thing first, what is manta ray?

You may have known about sting ray, but may have not about sting ray. To tell you fact, manta ray is just as its cousin. It comes with whip-like tail. Fortunately, manta rays are not the animal you should be afraid of as it cannot hurt you. They are not ‘equipped’ with that poisonous stinger just like their relatives.

Even some sources mentioned that they are a friendly creature who even let you to swim together. All said, make sure to not touch them as it may lose their coatings.


Where in Hawaii can you swim with manta rays?

The biggest point in Hawaii for scuba diving is Manta Point—hence it explains the name. The Manta Point is situated in Kauna’oa Bay, found in the northern side of Kona coast.


How much does it cost to swim with manta rays?

Well, it depends on which travel agent you have talked to and what kind of package you are having. However, if you are talking about having the night swim with manta rays, then you may need to pay around $160 plus additional tax per person. This will cover the price of your snorkel gear, some snacks, and drinks.


How a typical swim with manta rays tour will be conducted

Typically, you will have to gather first in the assembly place. Then, the members of the tour will be explained about what they will do throughout the trip, which includes some info about the mantas, how to keep them (and you) safe, and how to get the best experience while you are on the site.

Once snorkel gears are on, you’ll do a short swim to the manta viewing area. The short swim is done while holding a floatation board until you reach the site. Arriving in the site, you can watch the lovely creature to do some acrobats below you.

So, how does that experience sound to you? Now it’s your time to act and go swim with manta rays in Hawaii!

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