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Shuttle to SEATAC, and What Vehicle Can You Take to SEATAC Airport?

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Shuttle to SEATAC, and What Vehicle Can You Take to SEATAC Airport

Looking for shuttle to SEATAC for your upcoming trip from this airport? Well, there are a lot of shuttle services available for booking these days. Plus, the prices offered vary a lot from one to another. After all, it’s all about service that you’re purchasing. The more lavish your shuttle is, the more expensive it will be—and that’s a sure thing, isn’t it?

Talking about shuttle to SEATAC, some of you may not be aware about SEATAC itself. What is SEATAC? To be explained briefly, SEATAC is an airport situated in Sea-Tac city, Washington. Its distance—which extends for around 29-30 kms from downtown Tacoma and 23 kms from downtown Seattle—may be difficult for anyone planning to the airport especially if they are living far from the airport. You know, SEATAC users aren’t only those from Tacoma or Seattle, and that’s why shuttle service to SEATAC is available.

The kinds of vehicle you can pick depend on which shuttle service you are using. Most shuttle services will offer these to pick you from your house and take you to the airport:

Shared shuttle van

If you’re OK with sharing vehicle with people, this shared shuttle van could be one of the best choices to go to SEATAC airport. Shared shuttle can be your ultimate choice if you plan of having a cheap vehicle to ride on.


Private car service (sedan, SUV, limo)

Ranging from sedan to limo, pick one vehicle that speaks enough to your style. Planning to be a bit different? Try the limo service, but you can expect the cost behind it.


Private van

Bringing something big along with you? Hire a van and your large luggage won’t cry to be left behind. This will be a great idea if you’re travelling with a large number of people as well, but still fit enough to travel with just van—not a bus.


Private bus

Travelling with your big, big family? Or maybe planning to have a trip with your company colleague? Don’t worry—some airport services will be ready to accommodate you. Compared by taking private car/van service, this option will ensure you larger number of people to pick at one time.

To book the service, you can simply perform an online booking. For each booking, make sure you read the detail thoroughly, including the waiting time and how many passengers and bags that the vehicle will take. Surpassing the ‘free waiting time’ and adding more passenger(s) to the booked vehicle may result in additional charge for your shuttle to SEATAC.

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