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Red River Gorge off Roading: The Fun in Fast-Speed Dash

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Red River Gorge off Roading

If you are interested in Red River Gorge off roading, you can always rent an ATV at the area. Although a lot of people come to Red River Gorge for hiking or nature exploration, you can actually rent an ATV for fun offroading moments. The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is created to accommodate a person going on an offroading trip. What should you know about it before you head to the area?


Red River Gorge off Roading: Getting Closer to It

Red River Gorge is often viewed as this part of heaven on earth, simply tucked within the expansive and wide Daniel Boone National Forest. Red River Gorge isn’t exactly small as this 29,000 acre of land is quite expansive and wide. However, compared to the National Forest, Red River Gorge is ‘small’ in size.

One reason why Red River Gorge is known and popular is because of its diversity when it comes to fauna, flora, and geography. You will never get bored coming there as you can enjoy the marvelous sandstone arches, natural bridges, and also gorgeous waterfalls.

Daniel Boone National Forest offers more than 150 miles of the (OHV) trails. You may have to get a permit first. Be prepared, because when you apply, the process itself can take 90 days. But rest assured that the hassle itself is worth it.


The Appeal of ATV Riding

You don’t need to own an ATV to explore the natural beauty in high adrenaline rush. Hollerwood Offroad Adventure can help you with the ATV rent. Want to explore a racing park? Go to Mountain Park Offroad which is only 20 minutes away from the main area of Red River Gorge. The place has 40 miles of trails, just perfect for those adrenaline rush seekers.

The rental service doesn’t only provide ATV as you can also rent a dirt bike. You can use the bike within the same trails. In short, as an offroad enthusiast, you have tons of different ways to entertain yourself while staying in Red River Gorge.

There is also Mountain Park Dragway if you want some racing vehicle. This is basically a drag strip attracting racers from different areas. You can enjoy such activity or the fun racing moment while in the area.


Spending the Nights

You can always camp or stay in the cabins when you want to spend several days in the area. Cabins are quite plentiful and you have a lot of options. You can also access the campgrounds, but make sure that you perform your research before actually coming to the spot.

A lot of people come to the area for hiking and nature exploration. But you can always go offroading and have fun adventurous moments. The area offers tricky trails and different kinds of terrains, perfect if you want some challenging exploration. You can even expect some intense climbs, if you are up for it. The key is to know some of the promising locations, so you know what to prepare, what to expect, and how to manage it.


Final Words

You can always go to Hollerwood Park with its 2,500 acres of ridges and valleys. You can also explore Boneyard Hollow with its 1,400 acres of trails. Both of them have stores for snacks, drinks, and even souvenirs, such as hats, shirts, and others. In short, you will never run out of options when doing Red River Gorge off roading.

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