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Ponte Vecchio Verona: The Historical Bridge in Verona

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Ponte Vecchio Verona

Ponte Vecchio Verona is the (medieval) bridge located in Verona. This place is more known as Ponte Scaligero or Ponte di Castelvecchio that is located on Adige River. This spot was designed as the part of Castelvecchio fortress, which makes it one of the historical spots in the area.


Ponte Vecchio Verona History

When the build was constructed, it was during the lordship of Cangrande II della Scala. The construction took place from 1354 to 1356 to make sure that Castelvecchio fortress has somewhat an escape route to Adige Valley. This was designed as a safe passageway in case one of the (enemy) factions made a riot in the city.

The bridge’s structure was untouched for more than 5 centuries. In 1802, however, the French demolished the southern side tower and also eliminated battlements following Luneville Treaty. So, in 1820, the Austrians reconstructed the battlements again, following Emperor France I of Austria’s order. Unfortunately, the bridge was destroyed again in 1945, on April the 24th by (retreating) Germans. Other bridges (in Verona) had the same faith; being destroyed by the Germans.

After the post war months, Verona Municipality had decided to build the bridge again, together with other historical monuments that were lost during WWII. For the sake of the project, Piero Gazzola architect was working together with Alberto Minghetti engineer (for the technical aspects) and with Libero Cecchini architect (for the artistic and aesthetic part).


Verona’s Specialties

Verona itself is a special city that has its own appeal and charm. One of the main appeals is Piazza Delle Erbe, which is one of the best squares there. Not only it is functioning as the historical city center, but it also becomes the main activity spot for the city.

There are also Verona Cathedral, Arena di Verona, San Zeno Maggiore Basilica, and others. in Ponte Scaligero, you can enjoy the scenic view of the river. Most people would take pictures of the bridge as well as the surrounding views. Being one of the historical spots in the city has created its own special ‘vibe’ and atmosphere to the bridge, which you can’t find elsewhere.


Getting into the Bridge

This bridge is only 1.5 kilometers away from Verona Porta Nuova railway station. It’s also not far from the bus stop Largo Don Bosco, only 180 meters away, with bus lines 91 and 30. Visiting Ponte Vecchio Verona is interesting, and make sure you know how to reach it before you explore Verona thoroughly.


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