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Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita Mexico for the Great and Relaxing Holiday

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When visiting the small sea town, Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita Mexico would be the most recommended accommodation. Despite being a very small town with population less than three thousand, this town is definitely bustling with life. During summer season, this city is well visited by people all around Mexico (and from abroad too). Tourists want to see Banderas Bay at its finest up close. The most popular activity to do in this town is definitely surfing. It is because the bay offers suitable waves and relatively stable weather condition to do this activity. Of course, there are other things to enjoy too, such as trekking to see its wildlife.

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Types of room

If you are thinking to spend the holiday at Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita Mexico, it might be helpful to see the types of room it offers. There are more than thirty options for guests to pick with varying ranges of price and facilities. The cheaper rooms are designed for two to four people. These rooms are equipped with basic facilities to increase comfort and en suite bathroom. Those who are willing to splurge more on accommodation can choose to rent studio, penthouse, or special room with beachfront view. The more expensive rooms are often equipped with private Jacuzzi which will make the stay especially splendid.

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Things to offer

Looking at Playa Escondida resort map, there seems to be so many things offered by this particular resort. When it comes to meals, guests are already sorted with local fresh food that taste spectacular such as enchiladas de pollo, coquillers St.Jacques, and various desserts. The resort also offers options for vegans and vegetarians. There are many offers of relaxing activities to do in the resort, such as yoga and traditional spa. Those who want to explore the surrounding area can visit the downtown and see if they can find native artworks by local artists. The resort can also help arranging tour to Alta Vista and San Sebastian for guests who are feeling extra adventurous. In November, guests can even get the chance to see an attraction that is migrating whales.

Isn’t it tempting to visit the place? Guests can actually look for special offers which pop up from time to time. Using those special offers, guests can arrange a fruitful beach-y holiday to relax, enjoy some adventure, and taste local cuisines and arts. The fact that privacy is a big thing in this resort also helps guests to unwind. Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita Mexico is indeed worth visiting.


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