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Ozette Ranger Station: Where You Get Access to the Place

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Ozette Ranger Station

Make sure that you go to Ozette Ranger Station first to buy a permit to explore and stay in the park. Whereas most national parks are allowing visitors to come to the area through admission fees, some places may require you to buy the permit. Make sure that you learn more about the place before heading there. Ozette can give you a unique exploration time with the nature, but only if you have done your research properly.


Ozette Ranger Station: What to Know

Ozette is situated not far from Olympic Peninsula, on the northwestern spot. You can reach it through Hoko-Ozette Road, right off the Highway 112. Ozette landscape is various and rich, with various elements. It has old forests with their peaceful vibe, Lake Ozette with its crystal water, and also serene coastal areas.

Another unique thing about Lake Ozette is its rich history. Discoveries have been made within the past centuries, revealing a culture dated back 2,000 years before. There is also an old village (300 years old) that is quite well-preserved because mudslide has covered it for years.

More than 50,000 artifacts have been recovered, and many of them are now being placed at Makah Cultural and Research Center, located in Neah Bay. You can access the picnic areas, camping sites, and other facilities, provided that you follow the rules and be respectful to the custom and culture there.


Accommodations and Lodgings

You shouldn’t have no problem finding a place to stay at Ozette. It has a campground that is just close to Lake Ozette. It has 15 different spots and all of them have marvelous view to the lake.

If you don’t like camping, you can stay at campsites or cabin rentals. They may not be within Ozette, but they are pretty closeby. They are located outside Ozette’s park boundary. Not far from Ozette, you can also find lodgings within the closeby towns of Sekiu and Clallam Bay.


What to Do There?

Although you can enjoy great enjoyment at the lake, there are actually many activities that you can enjoy there. This place is perfect if you are into hiking. It has its own two three mile of boardwalk trails that can go to the coast. Here, you can spot grey whales and seals, especially during the migratory periods.

There is also a trail connecting the coast to Lake Ozette’s Ericson Bay for a shorter hike. If you want longer trails, you can find some of them, including Ozette Loop. Be advised, though, when you hike alongway the coast, you should check the tides. When there are high rolls, some areas are impossible to pass through. And when it happens, you may be stranded.


What You Should Know

Ozette has a pretty big parking spot, able to accommodate 100 cars. However, it would be full during summer weekends. If you follow the trail, it will lead you to the ranger station. There, you can pay $6 for the permit fee. Plus, you also need to pay $8 a person for the camping fee, provided that you are camping. Dogs aren’t permitted on the trails.



Ozette can be a perfect place to relax and enjoy restful time away from the world. as long as you know how to reach Ozette Ranger Station, you should be fine.

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