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Ozette Petroglyphs and the Artistic Beauty of Them

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Ozette Petroglyphs and the Artistic Beauty of Them

Marveling Ozette petroglyphs can be a way not only to marvel at ancient art creation, but to pay respect to the past. Ozette is a reservation area within Olympic National Park in Washington. When the tide is low, you can see rock carving with all the unique drawings. They are historical and they are protected. If you are into nature and you want to find something unique while exploring the nature, you should come to this place.


Ozette Petroglyphs: The Unique Trait

The petroglyphs are like the reminder of the ancient past. Yes, ancient natural history does exists, which can be proven from fossils digging or crystals excavations. And to have unique rock carving like the petroglyphs at Ozette is definitely like a blessing. Not only it shows the ancient human past, but it also reminds us that time does fly.

Olympic National Park is the home of Ozette Beach, where you can enjoy a little bit of historic art while hiking or going down the beach. The beach is quiet and beautiful. What makes it better is the carved stones that are visible during low tide. The location is between Sand Point and Cape Alva. And everything is easily seen when the tide isn’t high.

Ozette Petroglyphs and the Artistic Beauty of Them

The Fun Exploration

Simply hike so you can marvel at the carved artwork. Petroglyphs are considered powerful cultural symbols that are pretty complex. They reflect the surrounding tribes’ religions and also complex societies. At Ozette, you can see whales along with other objects, nature, and also symbols.

It was Ozette band of Makah tribe was the one carving those rocks and it happened centuries ago. Many of those images are 300 to 500 years old. Unfortunately, some of them have been ruined because of vandalism, but the remaining petroglyphs are untouched and still beautiful.

Ozette Petroglyphs and the Artistic Beauty of Them

How to Access Them?

The simplest way to access those petroglyphs is through Wedding Rocks Trail. It is around 8.7 miles of trail starting from Ozette campground. The trail itself is quite popular, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself not alone going the path. However, the beach itself is quiet and serene. It’s just perfect for exploring and marveling the artwork.

The trail itself is beautiful and somewhat ethereal. It’s wooded with beautiful boardwalks and steps, and also various wild flowers. The hike level is moderate because of the paths and the elevation gain, but rest assured that it’s worth the extra sweat.

Ozette Petroglyphs and the Artistic Beauty of Them

Important Considerations

It’s important that you know the tide tables. It helps you know the appropriate time when the tide is high or low, and when it’s coming. Don’t underestimate the hike because it typically takes around 3 hours – sometimes more. It would be better if you know what kind of gear to take with you, so you can come prepared. Taking pictures of the petroglyphs is allowed, but it’s better if you don’t touch them or damage them.


Final Words

Be prepared with the fee, whether you are going to be charged per person or per vehicle. It’s important to stay respectful to the petroglyphs despite the fact that they may look like fun drawings on rock boulders. You may get a unique experience when exploring Ozette petroglyphs.






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