Oxivir Tb Wipes: Small yet Reliable Rapid-Acting Wide Spectrum Surface Wipe

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Oxivir Tb Wipes

Wondering whether to buy Oxivir Tb wipes or not? Oh well, you will not find anything that makes you down by purchasing this product. This disinfectant wipe, despite being small and feeble in sight, it will help you to avoid getting viral or bactericidal infection.

What are the ingredients of this product? Manufactured by Diversey, the wipes have hydrogen peroxide as its main and active ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide is known to be a harsh chemical, beneficial for killing germs in a rapid action. Oxivir Tb wipes also have hydrogen peroxide as well, and the amount is 0.5%. It may not seem significant enough to deal with a plethora of bacteria, viruses, or other parasitic microorganisms.

With that in mind, can Diversey Oxivir Tb wipes be used to disinfect our daily things from the recently life-threatening COVID-19? Although there aren’t studies about that, most likely it will be able to disinfect your high-touch surfaces – what’s more special; it only takes a minute before the microorganism gets ‘shut down’!

What are the benefits of this product? You will see that:

  • This towelette is effective for killing key pathogens, whether it is a virus, bacterium, or even fungi. It takes fast-kill for viruses, such as Norovirus, MRSA, TB, and VRE. It is also effective as HBV and HCV virus ‘exterminator’ – both of which are the cause of hepatitis B and C, consecutively.While being perfectly beneficial to avoid viral infection, bacterial and fungal infection can also be dodged away by wiping this onto your high-touch surfaces. For these types of microorganisms, it takes around 5-10 minutes to kill. So, you should not touch the surface for that amount of time after wiping.
  • You can wipe this onto your soft-surfaces. No need to wet your towelette beforehand, since the product comes already pre-wetted. Perfect for instant surface disinfectant.

Since this wipe containing hydrogen peroxide, you may wonder something like: is it safe when I touch it? Well, the hydrogen peroxide contained in the wipes is not corrosive and also non-irritating. Hence, even though you are using it without any personal protective equipment, you will be doing fine.

So, you don’t have to worry to use this as your day-to-day rapid-acting disinfectant product. You can have this wipe ready on your pocket; so that any time you visit a public place or facility that poses you to high-touch surfaces, you will be able to disinfect that first for your health safety. See, now you have a reason to buy your Oxivir Tb wipes, right?

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