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Olympic National Park Beach: Some of the Best Spots in the Park

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Olympic National Park Beach

There is more than one Olympic National Park beach that you can explore if you want to enjoy the ocean. Olympic National Park is unique on its own, especially since it is able to offer three different park types in one. Visitors would be able to see and explore the mountains, the coastal wilderness, and the rainforests. The national park is simply packed with natural beauty and amazing spots in every corner of its existence.


Olympic National Park Beach Best Traits

The national park is huge. The coastal area itself stretches to 73 miles of area, giving you some of the best experience when exploring the area. These beaches may not be ideal for sunbathing, but they are just perfect for backpacking, hiking, beach combing, and tide pools exploration. These beaches are home to hidden secrets and passageways, breathtaking history, and awesome sunsets. If you want to enjoy your own solitude times, going to some of the beaches would recharge your energy.


Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

This is considered the most popular beach in Olympic National Park. The name is taken from the reddish sand crystals that fill the shoreline. If you want to view the best landscape of the Pacific Northwest, this beach would be the best place to do it. Some of the best spots of this beach are the forested cliffs, the sun bleached driftwood, and sea stacks. It is one of the beaches that are family friendly; not to mention that it’s convenient, located close to Highway 101. However, because of its popularity, don’t expect it to be vacant or empty. In fact, it can be quite packed during high season.


Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach

You are guaranteed breathtaking photos when you go to this beach. You can enjoy rock formations, sea stacks, eagles, and tide pools. If you are lucky, you can also get whale sighting while coming there. The trail between Point of the Arches and Shi Shi Beach is around 8 miles (round trip) and it is also one of the family friendly spots. You can also camp at the beach, but you will have to own Makah Reservation Permit as well as Olympic National Park wilderness permit. You’ve never thought that going to a beach would be an adventure, have you?


Cape Flattery

Shi Shi Beach

This area is located right outside the national park. It’s actually situated in Makah Reservation. The trail is beautiful and short. It’s considered worth the long drive, even when your destination is on the remote spot of Washington State. The trail is only 1.5 miles (round trip) with the trail goes through the raised walkways with cedar planked surrounding, coastal forests, and also one of the best scenic views overlooking America.

There are still more beaches to explore in this national park. These are some of the best options of Olympic National Park beach that would be perfect not only for you, but also for your families and kids.

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