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Niu Sushi Chicago Location, Attractions, Services, and Wide-ranged Menu

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Niu Sushi Chicago Location, Attractions, Services, and Wide-ranged Menu

Niu Sushi Chicago is a spacious Asian culinary-focused restaurant located in the River East, in a walking distance with the AMC Theatre. It boasts casually luxurious and fluid ambiences. With accommodation capacity up to 225 visitors, it makes an ideal place not only to visit for a nice dinner for family, but also for large parties. In addition, guests can enjoy extra attraction such as the neat lounge area and a deluxe chandelier.

Niu Sushi Chicago menu range is definitely one of the primary appeals of this eatery, with a diverse food and drink options. Here, you can try the unusual menu that blends and influenced by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thailand delicacies—an excellent combination of contemporary taste of Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, and Bangkok, mixed with a touch of Chicago. Japanese cuisines are the main treat with an array of sushi variants, but there is plenty of other unique and delicious fare worth to try.

For appetizers, you may try the pad Thai, sushi varieties, or soft shell crab spring rolls. Enter the main menu, you’ll find different sorts of fresh and intriguing plates that are perfect if you’re feeling adventurous. Of course, sushi dishes are still offered as the main character, with a broad range of options—starting from the basics to one-of-a-kind fusion alternatives with unique names such as ‘Diablo’, ‘White Angel’, to ‘Sexy Mexican’.

Ready for Niu Sushi Chicago desserts? Indulge yourself with ice cream, crepes, or cheesecakes. Beverages such as mojitos and martinis are nice to try, but if you favor some wine, there is a whole list of reds, whites, and sparkling variants to accompany your dinner night.

If you’re a vegan sushi-lover, however, don’t worry yet. This Japanese Fusion specialty restaurant also accommodates vegans with labeled menu and diverse selections. A simple veggie rolls menu that has cucumber, asparagus, avocado, and shiitake mushroom is one choice for a starter. Zen Roll is a more-recommended one that made with creamy avocado, fresh cucumber, crisp radish sprouts, asparagus, daikon, and Japanese mountain carrots.

Takeout service is available as well in this place in case you want to order some to enjoy at home. The restaurant allows reservation as well by selecting time, date, and size of guests. Receiving a respectable 4.4 out of 5 stars in the Google restaurant reviews system, plenty of the Niu Sushi Chicago’s diners mentioned about the hospitable staffs, cool service, and attractive prices.

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