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Nike Outlet Pismo Beach, How Do People Review this Store?

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Nike Outlet Pismo Beach, How Do People Review this Store

Nike Outlet Pismo Beach is just one of many shopping stores you can find around Pismo beach. Just like what other Nike factory stores, the Nike factory store you find in Pismo is selling items with the same categories. These will include shoes, caps, clothing, sunglasses, and other sports-related stuff.

What do people say about this place? Well, if you try to search this place on Google, you will find that the overall rating is quite satisfactory. As you click on people’s review, you will notice that the majority of visitors are praising the service in this factory store.

To give you a better insight about the service in Nike Pismo Beach, here is the highlight of people’s review on Google.

  1. The staff is friendly and treating you with full of compassion. There are many reviews mentioning that this Nike factory store in Pismo Beach has employees who are eager to help the customers with their maximum service.
  2. The stuff sold in this place is not much different than what you will get from other Nike factory stores. However, you can save your money here since there are lots of discounts you will get. This will definitely help you in cutting the expenses while visiting Pismo Beach.
  3. The place is recognized for its cleanliness, especially during this Covid-19 era. The staff strictly disciplines the visitors to obey the social distancing rules. However, that doesn’t say that the staff do it in a rude way.
  4. Although there are people who find it hard to get ‘initiative help’ from the staff, the staff acts professionally when they are asked for some help from the customers.

Given there are lots of customers saying that they are having a decent time visiting this store. The good thing about this Nike Outlet Pismo beach factory store is its location, which is strategic and can be accessed if you have just visited Pismo Beach.

If you are interested in visiting this store, make sure that you are wearing a mask before entering the premise. Remember, it is a must for every visitor to obey the Covid-19 prevention protocols. Hence, despite your status as a customer, that’d be better if you stick with the rule implemented in the store.

Interested in visiting this factory store? Listed below are their opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday and Saturday : 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

So, those are some details about this Nike factory store in Pismo Beach. Anytime you plan to visit Pismo Beach, don’t forget to stop by this Nike Outlet Pismo beach!

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