Moonshine Distilleries in Gatlinburg: 4 ‘Magical’ Places to Satisfy Your Curiosity of Moonshine

Have you ever heard of moonshine distilleries in Gatlinburg? If you are having some sort of holiday in Gatlinburg, then you should not only visit its commonly-visited tourist attractions. This mountainous city located in Tennessee is full of natural beauty, which is why it is so common for tourism. If you are looking for a place where you can unwind yourself from the hectic downtown, Gatlinburg will make an excellent option.

However, little do people know about moonshine distilleries in Gatlinburg. There are several distilleries which is also worth to visit, although it is better not to come there with kids.

Moonshine Visit in Doc Collier

Moonshine Distilleries in Gatlinburg

All kinds of moonshine, all in!  It is called so after its main moonshiner during the prohibition, William ‘Doc’ Collier, the shine recipe came original from the moonshiner himself. Taste all kinds of moonshine available there; the staff will be gladly to serve you. Even they are ready for some chatter about the moonshine. Some kinds of moonshine you will love to try are Smoky Mountain Sunrise, Dew Drop, and Chocolate Cream.


Ole Smoky Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Another Gatlinburg moonshine distillery is Ole Smoky Moonshine. This is quite popular within the area since you can taste moonshine at a, relatively, small fee – which is five bucks. Indeed this will go towards more purchase in the shop.

Make sure to find enough time to taste various moonshine available there. Several names that will make you curious include Apple Pie, Mountain Java, and White Lightnin’. There is its original taste, though – and if you want to find moonshine pickles or cherries, you can get them too here.

Concerts are hosted in this distillery from time to time. So, not only the moonshine that you can enjoy, some good music to accompany will boost the good vibes happening there.


Tennessee Shine Company

Tennessee Shine Company

If you are staying in Gatlinburg for a while, then heading yourself to Tennessee Shine Company should bring you another moonshine tasting experience. Unique flavors are their specialty, ranging from Dream Cream, Choco Moo Shine, and Blue Houdini. Their staffs are ready to spill some tea about the recipe.


Sugarlands Distilling Company

Sugarlands Distilling Company

Another five-buck distillery that you should visit is this one. Tasting bars are available, which is surrounding their establishment. No need to queue for so long – you will be able to taste their ‘weirdo’ names of moonshine, ranging from Maple Bacon, Blueberry Muffin, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. Well, sure that will make your head tilt out of the peculiar-sounding names!

So those are four distilleries which are worth to try when you are in Gatlinburg. Without a visit to any of these moonshine distilleries in Gatlinburg, your holiday will not be complete!

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