Lofted Bed For A Minimalist Style

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Lofted Bed For A Minimalist Style

Lofted bed design has been well perceived as one of the best furniture when it comes to a relatively small flat. Having a limited space for your living space can be hard. You have to make sure that it is comfortable and well-designed, but you also have to make sure that the room is practical and not too crowded. One of the best way to make sure that you fulfil this visualization in your mind is by having a lofted bed design in your flat. This is one of the best example on how to do it well.

Lofted Bed

The pictures shown are visualized by Anna Denisova. The room is design with minimalist idea and put a lot more attention to the graphics and cleanliness. This will allow you to find the unique, smartly-made furniture for the room. The design is simply unbelievable as the limited space can successfully transformed into a comfortable bedroom and a cozy living room. Plus, this design is very unique in its own way.

One major problem of having this kind of bed is the risk of falling down when we are sleeping. Once it happen, there will be a serious danger to ourselves. That is why making sure that the design should take care of this possibility. In that case, the designer may have been aware of the situation as the lofted platform in the room is made much bigger than the bed itself. This is very beneficial in two ways. First, it will reduce the risk of falling down form the bed and secondly, it can add the style of the room.

Generally you can stay white with all of the things in the room, but having a brown wood wall design for the living room below the bed ca be very artistic as you can see from the pictures. This simple yet breathtaking design start from a simplelofted bed design.

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