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Lake Crescent Boat Rental: Spending Times with Water Activities

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Lake Crescent Boat Rental Spending Times with Water Activities

You probably want to know more about Lake Crescent boat rental before heading out to the lake. Sure, you can do a lot of things there, such as camping, hiking, and kayaking, and you don’t necessarily have your own kayaks or boats to enjoy the activities. Why not renting them and having fun of your life?


Lake Crescent Boat Rental Specialty

Olympic National Park is situated in Washington state, and it’s known for its lush wilderness. Lake Crescent is a part of the park, popular for its gorgeous backdrop, crystal clear water, and family-friendly recreational offerings.

The history of the lake itself is pretty interesting. The glacial lake was bigger once, but then an ancient landslide (from Mount Storm King) happened and it split the lake into two. That’s why we have Lake Crescent on the western side and Lake Sutherland on the eastern area. The latter is smaller, but it shares the gorgeous view.

Lake Crescent has been a popular spot for summertime amusement. Vacation homes and resorts had been set up surrounding the lake before it was turned into a national park. Some of them still remain at the location until now.


What Can You Do?

If you are into adventurous natural explorations, the place can offer great activities and fun. You can camp there as there are campgrounds. You can also hike through the paths. There are also beaches that you can explore too. The area is also known for the kayak or boat rentals so you can have fun water activities.

The park is open all the time, which means that you are free to visit it anytime that you want. Be advised, though, that water temperature can be chilly although you visit the place during warmer summer months.

However, if you want the best time to go there, you should do it on summers. The lake is still peaceful and serene even when it’s busy during the summer time. But yes, you will have to share it with the others.

What if you want to visit it during winter months? Feel free to do so. But keep in mind that some lodges or concessions are usually closed, so they aren’t fully accessible.


The Popular Activity: Kayakking

Kayaking is a popular water activity in the lake. It’s an amazing way to explore your way around and to marvel at the natural beauty. If you don’t own any watercraft, no need to worry. You can always access the rental services for canoes, boats, and kayaks there.

Seasonal rental services can give you access to paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks, whether they are tandem or single. Rates may vary from $20 to $55. You can always enjoy those access. Check which one is closed during winter months so you can come prepared.


Where to Stay?

It’s a good thing that there are many lodging and camping locations on the spot. There are Klahowya and Fairholme campground (open from May to September), Lake Crescent Lodge, Log Cabin Resort, Emerald Valley Inn, Snug Harbor Studio, and Vintage Port Angeles. Browse them around and find out which one you want to visit.


Final Words

Olympic National Park has tons to offer, and Lake Crescent can offer limitless options. Learn more about Lake Crescent boat rental before you head there.







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