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JetBlue Traveling with Infant Instruction for Safety and Comfort Flight

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JetBlue Traveling with Infant Instruction for Safety and Comfort Flight

Parents must know JetBlue traveling with infant before booking ticket. The child is eligible to enter and fly as long as you follow the rule and instruction. For baby, JetBlue usually categorizes them as lap children. During flight, they will sit in adult lap. If the children are three years old, parent must buy ticket for them and no longer lap one. To know more about traveling with infant, read the following section.

Accompany by adult

For JetBlue traveling with infant, adult has responsibility to accompany the baby. Good thing about this rule is the adult does not have to be the parent. As long as they have age 14 years older than infant, passenger can bring infant into their lap. Basically, every infant can fly with adult supervision, regardless the parent or not. This regulation is applicable to domestic flight. For international scale, JetBlue may implement different rule regarding your destination. Usually, there is not much difference when flying with infant in JetBlue.


Things to bring

Baby and children are sensitive during flight. They may cry and bother other passengers. In that case, you must bring the things that necessary during flight. Diaper bag will help for the things that baby always need. Make sure you pack everything effectively. In JetBlue, passengers only have the right to bring one diaper bag. Besides, they can add stroller and car set. Some planes do not have seat for children or baby. That’s why you should carry car seat.


Safety seat

As it mentioned above, the lap children is when the infant is always in adult lap for the entire flight. Based on regulation, one person only can hold one infant. You may seat in anywhere but safety seat seems to be the best place. This seat is dedicated for emergency or specific situation that flight attendant must put extra attention. When bringing a baby, you must know follow JetBlue traveling with infant formula properly. Therefore, the travelling will be convenient until you reach the destination.

From explanation above, you know that being in plane with infant is not easy. Most parents will not travel far away unless it is in emergency. On the other side, JetBlue always provides support for parents who decide to bring baby during flight. As long as you follow the instruction and safety procedures, the situation will be in proper order. Therefore, you can do JetBlue traveling with infant without any trouble anymore.

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