Methods on How to Keep Cats from Pooping in Yard

Written by Jhony Dip · 45 sec read >
how to keep cats from pooping in yard

Have you ever asked yourself for how to keep cats from pooping in yard? It is really frustrating when you step outside your house and found the cat’s litter all over your lawn. Well, you have spent lots of time to maintain it spick and span. To solve your problem, there are plenty of solutions that you can apply.

Using cat repellent is the most common way. However, it is not always effective, even take months for it to give the effect. As another options, you can try to grow lavender around your yard. This herb has very strong scents that cats dislike and it is mostly effective to drive them away from a small area of your garden. Moreover, the alternative solution on how to keep cats from pooping in yard is by using ultrasonic repellent. This device utilizes infrared and movement sensor to detect cat’s presence. It projects an unpleasant frequency for cats to hear and prevent them from entering your garden.

Well, it will be more effective if your garden is an open area with less obstruction. You may choose and try the solutions that you think would be the most efficient one. Hopefully, those methods could answer your question on how to keep cats from pooping in yard.

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