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Halibut Charters in Homer Alaska and What You Should Know about the Fishing Trip

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Halibut Charters in Homer Alaska and What You Should Know about the Fishing Trip

Booking halibut charters in Homer Alaska is something you must do when you love fishing and you want to go on the ultimate fishing experience. Halibut fishing is considered to be the best because you will end up catching big fish and enjoy breathtaking scenery at the same time. Here are some important things you need to know about the fishing trip in Homer, Alaska.


Types of Halibut Fishing Trip

There are three types of common halibut charters in Homer Alaska. They are ¾ day trip, full day trip, and multi-day trip. In the ¾ day trip, usually it starts at 6.30-7.00 AM in the morning and the fishing trip will end by 4-5 PM in the afternoon. If you take the full day trip, the trip begins also at 6.30-7.00 AM but it will end by that evening, probably around 7.00 PM.

The multi-day trip usually takes 2 days to complete. At day one, you will go on a full day trip and then at the second day, you will go on a ¾ day trip. This type of fishing is going to cost you the most money as the price is considered as the most expensive among all. However, if you are in for the best fishing experience in Alaska, this package should be considered.


What Will You Catch?

The fishing trip is usually offered between April to June and June to August. This mid-year season is considered as the Alaska halibut season and this is when you can catch big fish including Halibut, Salmon, and other large variety of fish like lingcod and rockfish. Salmons in Alaska have so many variations like king salmon, pink salmon and silver salmon as well. They can all be encountered during the fishing trip.


Things to Prepare before Fishing

There are a few things to prepare for the trip. You need to get your fishing license from the government. Then, you need to prepare your own fishing kit (although it is available on the boat) and your own fishing apparels and accessories.

Before booking the fishing trip, make sure that you have gained the license from Alaska government. If you are not licensed, the fishing trip captains probably won’t let you on board. Prepare the fishing trip by booking the trip as early as possible and then you should be able to have time to mind the licenses and other thing before the halibut charters in Homer Alaska trip.

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