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Grand Teton Itinerary 3 Days and What to Do There

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Grand Teton Itinerary 3 Days and What to Do There

There are a lot of things to plan for Grand Teton itinerary 3 days. You probably think that it’s not as popular as its neighboring park, the Yellowstone, but you’d be surprised to find out that there are actually many people visit the park. Since Grand Teton isn’t too far away from Yellowstone, most travelers think about visiting both of them together. You can also plan it out that way, but what can Grand Teton offer you?


Grand Teton Itinerary 3 Days: About the Park

Grand Teton is a national park with breathtaking mountainous view. It would be a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventurous travelers who want to enjoy some peaceful time away from the city. It has Jackson Lake and its breathtaking surrounding and many wildlife that you may encounter during your exploration.

Exploring Grand Teton may require you to spend a day up to 5 days there. You can always drive through the park, visit the scenic points, and take pictures. Doing this won’t take you a full day. In fact, some people can do this within half a day only, but what’s the fun in that?

If you spend at least 2 days there, you can visit all the scenic points and even do up to 2 short hikes. But if you decide to stay longer, you can take part in longer hikes and also other excursions, such as white water rafting. Spending longer time at the park is a good idea if you are into hiking.

In short, if you really want to explore the area without being rushed or being in a hurry, make time to spend some time there. You won’t regret the experience because the park is completely serene. It’s worth the entire trip to spend at least several days there.


Planning the Itinerary

As it was mentioned before, you are free to stay only for a day or up to several days in Grand Teton. People commonly spend 2 to 4 days there, so having a 3-day itinerary seems like a logical thing to do. Depending on your preference, you can spend times camping, hiking, enjoying water activities, wildlife spotting, and much more.

What you want to do during your stay? Feel free to plan anything you want. For instance, you can drive through the park and visit the scenic points for photo sessions on day 1. Or you can spend time in Jenny Lake area where you can hike or enjoy water activities. If you are into hiking, it’s recommended that you do Cascade Canyon, Inspiration Point, or Hidden Falls hike.

For day 2, you can even have more hike in other locations, such as Delta Lake. Some people may prefer enjoying a bit of hike and tasty meal. You can start your day by having breakfast at Persephone Bakery or Picnic. Afterwards you can go to Jackson Lake Overlook to marvel the lake. Want to go boating or kayaking? No problem.

Or do you prefer spending the day shopping? No need to fret! You can always go to Jackson where you find shops and interesting things to buy. As a closure, dinner in Jackson can be a good option. Check out FIGS, Snake River Brewing, Hand Fire Pizza, or Liberty Burger.


Final Words

Planning an itinerary is basically easy. Simply think of the things you like to do and jot them down! You may even find out that planning Grand Teton itinerary 3 days may not be enough as you want to have a 5-day exploration!

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