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Gibsons Chicago Menu: What to Get from this Bar and Steakhouse?

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Gibsons Chicago menu

Anytime someone says steak, some of you may try to imagine that certain part of Gibsons Chicago menu. Yes, steak! Gibsons is definitely being known as one of the famous bars and steakhouses in Chicago, Oak Brook, and Rosemont.

Well, it seems like the menu in Chicago and the rest does not differ for a slightest. So, for this article, we’ll learn what’s there in Gibsons Chicago menu and its price. Not only steak, let’s also get to know what kind of foods that Gibsons offer for its craving diners.


As a steakhouse, then it’s no wonder the steak is one of the most sought items in Gibsons. Steaks are ready as an everyday-ready menu offered to the diners. Ranging from prime steaks, filets, and grass-fed Australian filets, ribeye, and New York strip, the price for such meaty menu is ranging widely, starting from $39.75 for marinated skirt steak with Giardiniera (12 oz.) to the highest price of 48-oz Porterhouse.

Filet mignon, starting in 7 oz. size to the biggest one with 14 oz., priced $40.00-$57.00. The grass-fed Australian meat menu, which ranges from filet mignon to New York strip, costs pricier. The price ranges from $55.00-$60.25.


Local favorites

Local favorites, such as classic burger, sandwich, prime rib French dip, baby back ribs, etc., come with a range of price of $16.50-$30.00.



Have a deep love to French fries, mashed potatoes, baked potato, and sautéed spinach? Pay additional $7-$12 for such sides – this will make your dining experiences much better.


Soup and Salads

Warming soups or healthy green salads? Pick anything you like to munch, be it ‘Soup of the Day’ that you must ask the waiter about its availability, or ‘garbage salad’ that makes you wonder whether it is good enough or not to eat—you’ll have to pay starting to pay as cheap as $6.25.



Sweet desserts to munch, why not? Ice cream is for $4.75, crème brulee for $8.75, or strawberry shortcake for $15.75? Just feel free to add one into your order. There are still other options though.


Beverages and wines

Bars will not be bars if you got no beverages. From cocktails, beers, to wines in glass or wines in bottle – Gibsons menu Chicago got the freshness ready for you. What’s the minimum amount that you must pay? It’s just $5 for Budweiser beer. Planning to sip something pricier? Then have you wine, and end the dinner in class—starting from $10 per glass or $40 per bottle, the price is relatively comparable to other places.

Those are some information about what kinds of food and beverages you can order in Gibsons. So, are you ready to have Gibsons Chicago menu and start ordering?

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