Methods in Getting Rid of Moles in Yard

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Getting Rid of Moles in Yard

In getting rid of moles in yard, there are several methods to do. The first one is baiting. There are pesticides that take the shape of earthworm to trick moles to eat them. Put some baits around your yard. Once the mole consumes the bait, it will die within a day. Second way is with the gas. This method uses poisonous gas to kill the moles inside their tunnel. Gas the major nests or do it repeatedly to get an effective result. However, the gas could be very dangerous, especially when exposed to children or pets. Make sure that your children and pets are away from the gas before applying it.

The third method is trapping that’s considered to be the most effective way in getting rid of moles in yard. There are three popular types of mole traps. The lure trap is the easiest one to set up. Meanwhile, the circular rodent trap is more economical and it can also be used to catch rats and gopher as well. Moreover, the loop choking style trap is the most effective one, but it requires the hardest work to set up.

The last method is killing their food source with insecticides. However, by doing this, the moles will dig more aggressively in search of food and create more tunnels; damaging the surface even worse. Therefore, you should be patient because getting rid of moles in yard could be a lengthy process.

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