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Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park: 3 Hotels with the Best Review

Written by Jhony Dip · 1 min read >
Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park

Still trying to find Gatlinburg hotels with indoor water park? Well, it is not that difficult to find a water park inside the hotels of Gatlinburg, you only need to conduct more research to learn which hotel you can go to get the experience visiting the water park.

Most of the places are not hotels but resort-like establishments. That said, you probably will end up spending more bucks when trying to find Gatlinburg hotels with indoor water park. The list will be given as follows.

Holiday Inn Express Gatlinburg

322 Historic Nature Trail, this is exactly what you need if you are looking for a hotel. You should try to Google it, as its reviews on the net is magnificent. This so-called ‘inn’ isn’t as boring as you think an inn will be. Why so?

Remember that you are looking for an indoor water park? Yes, this place offers you a water park with long slides in it. It may not be as lavish as you might expect it to be, yet such attraction is enough to keep your kids in a good mood.

This place is perfect for families who want to spend a lovely moment while in Gatlinburg. It may not offer fun activities for kids other than its pool and simple water park, but you won’t be disappointed with the staff friendliness. The hotel is cozy as well.


Country Cascades Waterpark Resort

Located in 204 Sharon Dr, Pigeon Forge, TN, you will get this resort provides you with a large furling slide as its main attraction. There are several pools as well to help you get the most fun while enjoying your holiday at this city.

Compared to the aforementioned inn, this one offers a simpler interior as its accommodation. However, if your point is the water park, this can be a better option. You can Google this place and find out that the review is pretty nice. From the pictures left by the resort, the rooms look cozy and homy—and you can’t beat these perks when it comes to finding an accommodation.


Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

Despite the lower overall review from people, this is the most-visited resort when you search hotels near Gatlinburg with indoor water park. Check it out in Google, and you’ll find it hard to not fall in love with this place. Surrounded with all brown and styled just as your childhood tree house, you’ll find it a fun place to visit during your holiday to Gatlinburg.

From all three accommodations mentioned, you will find that the Westgate’s waterpark is the biggest one. Remind you, it’s indoor. So, we’re sure your visit in this place won’t be disappointing at all.

So, those are three hotels that you can choose as accommodation with indoor waterpark in Gatlinburg. With all said, which one will be your favorite Gatlinburg hotels with indoor water park?

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