Ford’s Colony Country Club as the Best Golf Course and a Next-Level Dining Place in NC

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Ford’s Colony Country Club as the Best Golf Course and a Next-Level Dining Place in NC

Ford’s Colony Country Club could be one of the destinations you can choose to enjoy your Sunday morning while golfing. However, not many people know about the whereabouts of this place, let alone knowing what is there to see. Been wondering to know what this place got to offer? Find out the answer in this explanation below.

What exactly is this place?

If you are into golfing, this country club serves you a wide, private golf course which is featured and considered as one of the best golf courses in Virginia. With this to put on their service, it is quite impossible to forget once you visit this place. The surrounding landscape is just so spectacular with lake-like vast watery area and the greens well-maintained.


Where is this place?

If you are wondering where Ford’s Colony Country Club is located, you can open your online map and start typing the place’s name. It is findable in Google Maps, and it’s pretty easy to find it. The address of this place is at 240 Fords Colony Dr, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188.


What exist there?

There are a lot more than just a golf course in this place. Aside from the golf course, there is also a golf academy in the club. Here, players in every skill level are allowed to take training on this academy.

In addition, the place also offers you an upscale dining place. There are two main areas which are designed for dining in this place. First, it is the Murdoch’s casual dining place, and the last one is the elegant dining room called as the Colony Room. Based in local cuisine, the members or visitors will be able to choose their favorite meals from the choices given.

We should not forget about the golf course itself. There are three different championship golf courses in the site, which are all designed by the renowned Dan Maples—the renowned architect for golf course residing in North Carolina. The golf course provides 54 holes to play, spread out in different courses with its own highlights and challenges.


Is hosting an event possible in this country club?

Definitely, yes it is. The site is open for reservation for hosting any types of events—be it a humble birthday dinner, a wedding reception, to even some kind of galas with 250 people coming. If you are planning a wedding, get some help from the Ford’s Colony Country Club wedding planner and let’s see whether you need to stress or not because they guarantee that it’s a stress-free planning.

Are you curious to know more about this place? That will be great if you just go there and witness what’s available to offer in the site. So, pack your stuff and let’s head to Ford’s Colony Country Club!

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