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Exploring Red River Gorge for Family Activities on the Weekends

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Red River Gorge Family Activities You Can Do

Going to the Red River Gorge for family activities can be a fun weekend activity. Your family will have a great time doing various activities they like. From a casual hike to enjoy the view to something more challenging like rock climbing and canoeing, there is not a single dull moment here.


5 Red River Gorge Family Activities You Can Do

Weekends may sound like a short time to do many things. However, the easy access to the National Forest sure helps you to take one or two activities at a time and build the experience.


1.   Fishing

Fishing Red River Gorge

Both first-time and experienced anglers will enjoy fishing in the area. There are trout, craps, and sunfish that you can get. However, since it’s part of the national forest, you will need to have a Kentucky fishing license first.


2.   Camping


The Gorge has several popular areas such as the Natural Bridge, Koomer Ridge, and even the Auxer Ridge Trails. You can choose among the available campgrounds that suit your preferences and budget.

Keep in mind that you also need to obtain the camping permit that you pick up from the entrance. Camping also needs serious preparation as you need to get your supplies beforehand.


3.   Zip Lining

Zip Lining

For those who want to have a little challenge, you can try zip lining in the gorge. It’s one of the best ways to see the Daniel Boone National Forest from above. The ticket starts at $89.99 for children under 12.

As a less adrenaline-inducing alternative, you can take the skylift to the Natural Bridge. Of course, it offers a different experience. However, at only $17 for the adult roundtrip ticket, it’s also a more affordable option.


4.   Hiking


The Red River Gorge offers several hiking treks for you to explore. Each trek offers a different view and experience, as well as length. You can start with the shortest trek and start adding the distance as you become more familiar with the trek.


5.   Swimming and Kayaking

Swimming and Kayaking

In general, the river is calm enough to swim in. However, you need to be careful to not stray too far from your starting point. And if you are unsure about your swimming skills, you can always contact a tour operator for a guided swimming exploration.

You also can rent a kayak for a trip down the river. Many visitors think it’s the best way to see the other side of the Red River Gorge. Anyhow, if you’re not claustrophobic or afraid of the dark, you can try kayaking down to the Gorge Underground.


Plan a Perfect Family Getaway

Even an impromptu trip needs a good plan to make it perfect. The Daniel Boone National Forest has numerous activities for your family. So even though one of the family members is not keen on the activity, you still can enjoy a good time together.

Having Red River Gorge family activities can be a good start to introduce family members to nature. You can explore these activities one by one before choosing several as your regular activities. Natural exploration can be the best way to introduce conservation and other green efforts.

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