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Closest Airport to Steamboat Springs CO, Which One You Should Pick

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Closest Airport to Steamboat Springs CO, Which One You Should Pick

If you are planning a holiday to Steamboat Springs, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the closest airport to Steamboat Springs CO. If you are wondering what airport to fly to, then you’re on the right page today.

Actually, in finding the nearest airport to Steamboat Springs in Colorado, you can simply type your questions into your favorite search engine. The result will be shown in no time. However, if you need a further explanation, this article will help you in knowing the closest airport to Steamboat Springs CO.

The city of Steamboat Springs is located in Colorado—a state located in the northwest of the country. Founded in 1900, the city is situated at an altitude of 6,700 ft in Rocky Mountains. Of course, this will make the city becomes the home for year-round recreation. In addition, unique routine events can also be found here. The 80-year Olympian tradition is one of the examples.

Now that you’re confused to find the closest airport to Steamboat Springs, it will be explained here.

Yampa Valley Airport

Yampa Valley Airport, which is located in Routt County, is the most frequent airport to visit by people planning to have holiday in Steamboat Springs. Given that the distance is only around 22 miles—which can be tackled in less than an hour, this closest airport from Steamboat Springs has several major airlines that fly non-stop from 12 large airports.

These will include American, Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, and United Airlines that fly from big airports across the country. Even in winter! So, if you plan to have a great skiing moment in the city, you can fly from your place to Yampa Valley Airport and drive to the city.


Steamboat Springs Airport, or known as Bob Adams field

Another closest airport from Steamboat Springs is this one: Steamboat Springs Airport (SBS). As the name infers, you will know that the airport is already located in the Steamboat Springs city itself—with only three miles from the ‘downtown’.

Also known as Bob Adams field, this airport has been opened for public flights since 2011. However, flights to this airport are pretty limited, and you should know that in the winter season you may find that the airport will be closed during snow removal process. Despite that, the airport is open year-round and will be quite busy during ski season.

So, which airport that you will choose as your flight destination? Reaching the first airport is more recommended since the airport is quite big relative to the second option. Plus, this closest airport to Steamboat Springs CO offers flights from major airports and with prominent airlines.

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