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Cheddars Columbia MO and the Healthiest Menus for Dining Out

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Cheddars Columbia MO and the Healthiest Menus for Dining Out

Cheddars Columbia MO provides just as wide range menu as any other Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen across the United States. This restaurant chain, which was established back in 1979, is famous for its savory chicken, ribs, burgers, and seafood dishes – they provide practically endless options. Now, with so many desirable choices, it can be challenging to select just one when you dine there, especially if you want to make most clever eating-out picks.

This article is meant to give you the best recommendation on what to try next when you’re visiting Cheddars Columbia MO. These four hand-picked choices of Cheddars Columbia Missouri menu are not merely chosen based on their taste, but also their nutritional benefits to help you make healthier dinner decisions.

Buffalo Kickin’ Tenders

The spicy flavored and crispy textured chicken tenders have successfully reached the first best option on Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This menu contains nutrient in the form of protein – it makes you satisfied for appetizer, but not awfully full to proceed on the main menu. In short, it’s delicious and won’t make you feel overeating while waiting for the main entrée.


Blackened Salmon Salad

The salad mix contains combinations of savory blackened salmon, fresh veggies, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, and glazed pecans. It contains plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. According to the American Heart Association, eating one serving of fatty fish minimum twice a week will help to protect the health of your heart. You may also opt for balsamic vinaigrette dressing if you need beneficial calories boost.


Key West Chicken & Shrimp

This menu incorporates grilled chicken and shrimp then tops it with pineapple pico de gallo. Combined with rice, the dish contains surprisingly low saturated fats and calories compared to majority of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen menu items, which can help to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.


Top Sirloin Steak with Onion Straws

The dish is comprised of 6 oz. steak that’s served on top of onion straws. You may also choose two sides with it. The menu item makes a great protein source, and as you may know, protein is an essential part of healthy diet to help your body tissues grow and well-maintained.

Besides Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen carries extensive menu, in fact that most of them are really affordable also makes the place ideal to head on for dining out event. It is really convenient for the customers, and the affordability of Cheddars Columbia MO menu items doesn’t come with a sacrifice of deliciousness.

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