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Check Kayak Pismo Beach Travel Agents Recommendation Before Going for Your Holiday

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Kayak Pismo Beach

If you are curious about trying kayak Pismo Beach, well, glad you found this page. In this article, you will find several travel agents you can count on to take you on a kayak trip.

Finding a great kayak trip in Pismo Beach may not be that difficult. However, since it gets too easy to find, you may find it difficult to determine which travel agent is the best you can trust on. So, you may finally rely on us to summarize which kayak trip agent(s) are recommended to choose for your next kayak Pismo Beach.

Alright, without further ado, we will list down the kayak Pismo Beach trip agents that you can contact for more information about the activity.

Central Coast Kayak

Central Coast Kayak

Located in 1879 Shell Beach Road in Pismo Beach, CA, this kayak rental place is recommended to visit if you are experienced in kayaking. Why so? This place doesn’t provide a trip plan. Instead, this place is renting kayak and also bikes.

According to their official website, their schedule for rentals will be different depending on weather. Plus, the schedule will change per 4 months following the details as follows:

  • Oct 15 – March 15
    Friday to Monday           9 AM-1 PM (rentals), 9 AM-4:30 PM (retail)
    Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM-1 PM (rentals/retail)
    Wednesday                      closed, or only by appointments.
  • March 15 – June 15
    All day 9 AM – 4:30 PM (retail and bike rentals)
    9 AM – 1 PM kayak rentals
  • June 16 – September 15
    All day 9 AM – 5:30 PM (retail and bike rentals)
    9 AM – 2 PM (kayak rentals)

This kayak rental place is closed during New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

You may also want to take a tour. If so, you should try to reach the company by calling them at (805) 773-3500.

Pismo Beach Surf Shop

Pismo Beach Surf Shop

Another place that we recommend to visit is Pismo Beach Surf Shop. This place is not just offering kayak tours, though. They are also offering surfing lessons, and kayaking tours which is extended to let you experience bike riding and surfing.

If you keen on having kayak tour around Pismo beach, it will cost you $99.00 only for each person. This is the price which is stated in their website, and it may change at any time, so we recommend you to ask them via phone. The company can be reached at (805) 773-2089. You can also visit them directly at 470 Price Street.

With those two companies that are well-known to provide a kayak tour in Pismo beach, it’s the right time to pack your stuff and leave for holiday. Which one of the mentioned kayak Pismo Beach tour agents that you will choose?

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