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Best Sharpening Stone to Accompany Your High-Functioning Blade

For those who have a hobby of cooking, you must be familiar with a knife along with the best sharpening stone. Many people underestimate the usefulness of this stone, so they often buy a low-quality product. This eventually leads to blunt blades over time. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of knife, here is the list of sharpening stone suitable for various types of knives.

1. Waterstone

We start with the most famous best sharpening stone, the Waterstone type. This kit contains two sharpening stones and one flattening stone. For the sharpening stone itself, there are four types of grit on each surface. Each surface also has different grit numbers, ranging from 8000, 4000, 1000, to 220, each of it is certainly intended to give the sharpness you want. Just as the name suggests, Waterstone requires a consistent flow of water when sharpening the blades. A surface that is too rough will actually damage the knife if it is not flowed with water. To maintain the consistency of sharpening stone itself, flattening stone is also provided in the package.


2. Oilstone

The next variant of the best sharpening stone comes from the oilstone class. Oilstone has a specification that’s almost similar to Waterstone. But instead of water, you need special oil to run by your blade. Although rarely seen used by various people, oilstone has several advantages, which is light and cheap, even for the oil you can get anywhere without fear of running out.

Norton IM313CIS consists of 5 pieces of goods in one kit, namely 3 pieces of oilstone, of course with different grits, oil sharpeners, and plastic handle as well as housing to place the oilstone. 3 pieces of oilstone all have larger surface area than another brand oilstone, 11.5 “and 2.5”. Each of them is made from Arkansas, Crystolon, and typical Indian stone. Moreover, the plastic housing has a screw that serves to keep oilstone in place. Therefore, it will not be easily slipped from your hands.


3. Dia-Sharp Stone Kit

The last choice is Dia-Sharp Stone Kit (8″x3″). Sharpening stone of this type is made of diamond, providing a good amount of durability as well as low maintenance, but with a quite expensive range of price. Especially for this type of stone, it has a wider surface area than the Waterstone above with 8 “by 3”. It gives flexibility in sharpening the overall tip of blade. In this package, you will receive 4 pieces of the best sharpening stone with different grits, ranging from coarse, medium fine, to extra fine though.


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Hunting Knife Sharpener for Grinding and Honing Blade Edge

Outdoor activity is not complete without blade and its hunting knife sharpener. Why do you need such tool? There is only one reason to answer this question. You cannot do many things without sharp knife, especially during hunting. Keep in mind that hunting requires delicate, sharp, and high reliable knife to cut animal skin. Moreover, knife has many functions, especially when you go hiking, camping, and fishing to handle many tasks that cutting and slashing are involved.

Finding hunting knife sharpener is easy, but choosing the proper one may take time and consideration. Today, you can have sharpening tools in various forms, such as standalone, electric, and manual sharpener. Standalone model is good choice because the sharpener works directly to hone the blade edge. Moreover, the electric sharpener uses battery to maintain the sharp area. The last one is manual style which you can swipe the knife directly on sharpener surface.

Which one is suitable for your knife? Each blade has different forms and material, though it belongs to hunting blade. You need to consider the size, edge form, and thickness. Small knife is comfortable and suitable for manual and standalone sharpening device. If you go outdoor for longer period, avoid electric one unless you have enough battery to support electrical source. Bigger knife needs large surface when using manual mode to sharp its edge. Moreover, you should consider the size for sharpening tool when bringing it during camping or hunting.

Many manufacturers design their own product for hunting knife sharpener. You can find unique design, but it is very reliable and comfortable to keep the blade edge in check. Diamond plate is popular material for honing and grinding knife. It is more reliable because it’s capable to withstand blade surface without scratching. This plate has handle to keep steady when you move knife-edge at its surface. One practical feature is angle guidance to make sure the blade has the same edge after sharpening. You can choose any angle depending on type of blade and its purpose. Whetstone is classic and old tool to keep the knife at sharp edge. You can have water stone that will work after soaking into water. Another stone does not need water or lubricant. For electric sharpener, you only need to put knife into sharping section then let the machine to work automatically.

Each sharpening tool has pros and cons to fulfill what you need. Hunting is enjoyable activity, but you need proper blade or knife for it. Besides outdoor, hunting knife sharpener is suitable to be used in kitchen.

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Cuisinart Grind and Brew Problems with the Possible Fixes

It is pretty common and normal to experience Cuisinart grind and brew problems because there is nothing 100% perfect, especially when it comes to electronic appliances. Electronic appliances require regular cleaning and maintenance. Even with a dedicated effort, it is possible for you to experience faulty because of the construction and the mechanism. No need to worry. Not all problems require professional service or help. Some of them are quite easy that you can manage everything on your own.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Most Common Issues

Among the many types of Cuisinart grind and brew problems, the lack of power is one of the most common one. The first thing that you can do is to check the cable. It is not properly aligned or it gets tangled, the power won’t properly reach the machine. Whenever you use the device, try to straighten it up and it should be connected correctly. Let it loose and don’t twist it. Still not working? Try to replace the cable, then. If your device comes with removable and replaceable cable, it should be coming with another set. If you don’t find any or if the cable can’t be removed, simply return the machine to the manufacturer and contact them. Don’t be a know-it-all and cause further damage to your device.

Another most common Cuisinart grind and brew problems is your coffee tastes strange, with a metallic taste. This is quite common especially if your machine has been around for quite a while. One of the most logical causes is the dirty coffee pot. Dealing with this should be easy. All you have to do is to have some diluted vinegar. If it is possible, use the de-calcium product. Pour the diluted vinegar, twirl it around, and throw the water away. Do this several times to make sure that the pot will be completely clean. What if it is a new machine and yet you experience this strange metallic taste? It is probably from your coffee beans. Check on them to make sure that they are good in condition. Use the paper filter to keep the strange taste away.

What is another possible problem happening to the coffee machine? One of the most annoying one is when the water boil off steam instead of producing hot water. In most cases, it happens because there is an overflow to the ground basket, causing the grounded bean to get really down within the water reservoir. Somehow, these grounds are trapped inside a certain valve that is preventing water from being heated properly.

The fix requires a special skill where you need to use your tools, such as a screwdriver or a drill. You will have to remove the screws on the bottom, where you should find a hand hose on the bottom side of reservoir. Clean it. If t gets stuck to a metal, cut it off. Push out the check valve from the hose and remove the grounds stuck within the valve.

In most cases, if the problem gets too technical or mechanical, don’t take chances. Contact the manufacturer and send the device to them. It is one of the most logical solutions to deal with Cuisinart grind and brew problems.

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