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BVI Catamaran Charter and How to Choose the Right Charter Companies

Written by Jhony Dip · 1 min read >
BVI Catamaran Charter and How to Choose the Right Charter Companies

BVI catamaran charter is something that you have to find when you want to sail across the British Virgin Island. This is the famous location for people to ride their own boat and have a great cruise. People celebrate anniversaries, birthday and even weddings onboard when they are in this particular location. To rent the boat, you need to contact a catamaran charter. How to choose the right charter companies? Here are some tips for you.


The Boat Facility

The boat must have full facility. It should be completed by generator, AC, double cabin rooms and kitchen. It should also have technical features like wind instruments, GPS, auto-pilot and many more. The most important thing about the boat is that it is not too old and it still has its own proper permit to sail on the ocean.


The Rates

Usually, the rate to rent the boat is applied weekly. The weekly rate is normally at $12,000 – $15,000 but it will heavily depend on the companies. Make sure the rate is considered normal and reasonable. More importantly, make sure that the rate is matching with the benefits and facilities.


The Reviews

The best method to find out whether or not the charter company is a good one is to take a look at its review online. People tend to give honest opinion and not a flattering one when they do not feel like it. Read the review of the BVI catamaran charter company that you want to use. If the reviews are mostly positive, you can at least consider having its service.


The Technicians and Customer Service

The most important thing to consider when you are looking for BVI charter companies is the availability of the customer service and the technicians. So, if there is something wrong with the boat, the customer service can be contacted for 24/7 and the technician is always at the ready to fix the boat’s issues and ensure your safety.

Being in the middle of the ocean for days, and even weeks, is not something to take for granted. There are numerous things that can go wrong if you are unprepared. This is why choosing the right companies to get you the boat is quite important. You need to make sure everything is ready, including paperwork, emergency features and everything else. A good BVI catamaran charter would have prepared these all for you.

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