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Breckenridge Snow Sculptures Competition and the Things You Should Know about It

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Breckenridge Snow Sculptures Competition and the Things You Should Know about It

Breckenridge snow sculptures competition is one of the must-see events in the area. Breckenridge, Orlando is most famous for their snow. Yes, winter there seems to be a bit longer and colder, which is perfect to allow people to build massive snow sculptures and show them off. This is the further information about the sculpture competition that you need to know.


When the Competition is Mostly Held?

The Breckenridge snow sculptures competition is held every January. It is probably considered as the coldest point of the winter and that is when the snow is piling up high enough for people to make sculptures out of them. The exact date is vary from one year to another but there will be information related to the exact date for sure.


What to See in the Competition?

When you are visiting the competition area, you will see a lot of sculptures. The sculptures are massive as they are like more than 10 ft. in height. Sometimes, they are even over 12 ft. The gigantic figure take shapes of everything, starting from famous person to common things you find every day. It is such a great joy to see a pile of snow turns into something really pretty and dashing.


What Should I Prepare to Attend the Show?

There is no need to look up snow sculptures near me as you can see everything you need to see in Breckenridge. So, what should you prepare to attend the snow? Well, not much, you just have to dress properly. Bear it in mind that the area will be icy cold. Wear your winter gear, coat, hats, mittens and everything to keep yourself warm in there.


How Many Sculptures Can I See There?

Usually, there are more than 15 teams to compete in each event. So, you will see apparently more than 15 gigantic sculptures in the area. Sometimes, teams are going extra by building more than 1 figure so you may see even a lot more of them.

If you are particularly interested in snow sculpture, you should try visiting Breckenridge every January. There will be tons of huge snow figures to see there. However, the show may be cancelled for some reasons and if they might, they will surely inform you. The Breckenridge snow sculptures are bringing tons of visitors to the city and this is where you can meet a lot of new people, too.

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