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Bainbridge Island Bike Trails: Enjoying Cycling Moments at the Island

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Bainbridge Island Bike Trails Enjoying Cycling Moments at the Island

You may want to know more about Bainbridge Island bike trails when you are coming to the city of 25,000 residents. This city is 65 square miles in coverage, providing ferry service in an hourly manner from (and to) Seattle. What’s special about this island – and its bike trails?


Bainbridge Island Bike Trails Unique Trait

In case you don’t know it, Bainbridge Island is not only an island, but it’s also a city in Kitsap County, which is located in Washington. It’s situated in Puget Sound. What’s unique about this place is the cycling activity, especially the bike trails.

If you come to the island, you will see that people typically cycle. Most of them are road riding where you can explore miles of narrow suburban and rural lanes and areas. Because cycling is one of the most common and popular activity in the island, you can find some bike lanes (dedicated especially for the activity) all over the island. But the trails are mixed with hiking trails and also regular paths.

You should know that Bainbridge isn’t exactly flat. The city is actually a hilly area, but you can always find some alternative routes that won’t take your breath too much. But if you are into hilly challenges, there are routes that cover 30 miles of area, involving 3500 feet of going up.


How to Access the Island

Use Washington State Ferry System to come to Bainbridge Island. It’s not really advisable to come there with a car. Many of the local residents cycle or walk in the area, so you can always bring your own bike.

When you bike, it’s hassle-free and easy. You can cruise down the historic streets of Bainbridge Island’s downtown. Feel free to explore the museum, galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Finding a bike rental service is super easy. You can do it at Classic Cycle or at the terminal.

Don’t expect the cycling to be easy because it would be challenging. Some of the most difficult routes are Baker Hill Road, Koura Road, Toe Jam Hill Road, or Arrow Point Drive. If you want easier routes, go to Crystal Springs Road located on the southern end.

Bainbridge Island Bike Trails

What to Do There?

There are actually a lot of things to do in the island. You can go to Fort Ward Park or go to South Beach Drive with its scenic view. There is also a Lynwood Center, a place where restaurants and shops are located. You should visit it as it is recommended and worth your time.

The island has local craft brewery, seven wineries, and also two distilleries. Those are the main appeal of the island. There are also some lodgings where you can spend the nights. One of them is Eagle Harbor Petite Hotel where you can enjoy great times. In fact, spending some nights are advisable as you won’t be able to explore all the tourist’s attractions within a day.



Cycling can be fun and healthy. If you want to explore the island, finding out about Bainbridge Island bike trails can be helpful, so you can plan out your routes.

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