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Carrabba’s Shrimp Scampi Recipe and the Steps to Make It

One of popular foods you must try is carrabba’s shrimp scampi. It is special menu with delicious taste. Some people try to make this recipe in order to be as equal in term of flavor. If you are one of them, the below recipe must be considered. More about ingredients and cooking instructions will be explored in the following sections.

Ingredients for Shrimp scampi:

  • 1-2 Tablespoons virgin olive oil
  • ½ pound shrimp, deveined and peeled
  • 1 1/2 cups Lemon butter sauce
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • Teaspoon chopped Italian parsley leaves

Ingredients for Lemon Butter Juice:

  • 10 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces and divided
  • 2 tablespoons yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • 1/3 cup white wine, dry
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice, fresh
  • Ground white pepper, fresh
  • Kosher salt

Serving Instructions for Lemon Juice:

  1. Heat the skillet and melt the butter then stir slowly.
  2. Add garlic and onion then stir for 3 minutes.
  3. Pour lemon juice and wine then continue to stir and cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Reduce the heat and add butters while whisking simultaneously.
  5. Keep the sauce at room temperature. Heat it again before using for the recipe.

Cooking instructions for Shrimp scampi:

  1. Prepare the skillet and heat olive oil.
  2. Cook shrimp and stir slowly. Wait for 3 minutes.
  3. Add garlic and continue cooking for 1 minute.
  4. Reduce the heat and pour lemon sauce. Stir again and add parsley.
  5. Put the shrimp in plate.
  6. Now, the dish is ready to serve.

In general, carrabba’s shrimp scampi recipe is not complicated. The list above shows what you should have for cooking this one. Some ingredients might take time, but everything is easily reached at nearby store. This cooking uses sauce, and you must prepare this one before continuing into the main menu.

Preparing sauce is a part of shrimp scampi recipe, and it is not difficult. However, making the perfect one is the task that needs practice and experience. At first, you can combine everything into the pan and stirring it while cooking. Extra butter is necessary after all ingredients are blended perfectly. Then, simmer for 5 minutes and reduce the heat until the sauce turns into thick but in smooth texture. Keep the sauce in proper place and make sure it is ready before you continue in cooking the shrimp.

It is much recommended if you obtain shrimp that’s already available for cooking. Peeling may take time and some people do not have patient for such action. That’s why you need to purchase the ready ingredients. That’s what you should prepare and do to make carrabba’s shrimp scampi.

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Betta Fish Vase with Bamboo and What to Consider Before Doing So

Have you ever considered planting your betta fish vase with bamboo? Well, bamboos are indeed quite unique to be planted in a small fish tank. However, you do not seriously think to decorate your betta fish vase with plant on top without any proper knowledge, do you? If you have been thinking one way or another, there are some facts you need to know before doing so. To directly answer your curiosity, you can plant something within your small-sized aquarium. But, please be considerate. Here are several things to guide you through the thought system.

The proper aquarium system

First, you will require at least 5-gallon tank to keep a betta fish appropriately. Then, it is highly recommended to install adjustable filter. With this equipment, you can adjust the current flow inside the aqua-vase according to betta fish’s natural flow rate. For the final equipment, the vase cannot lack a heater. The right temperature is very important for every water creature’s life. These are all the things you should complement with before thinking about planting a bamboo inside your betta fish vase.

Keep any outside things clear, especially the bamboo

Putting bamboo in your vase means you have to risk your betta’s usual clear water to be gradually littered by the bamboo. Thus, you have to do a full cleaning on whatever plants you want to put in your fish house. Betta fish vase with bamboo will look just astonishing if the bamboo is clear, isn’t it? Once again, be sure to shave any dying or rotting part on the bamboo, so your fish can swim around the stalks safely.

The size of the vase matters!

Related to point one, people are not recommended to keep betta fish in a tank that holds less than at least 5 gallons of water. Most vases in stores cannot hold that much water. So, here is a trick you might want to use. Look for a high vase, which emphasizing its height rather than its length. More water can be accommodated inside those vases, while making your bamboo looks more authentic without having to shorten it.

Aside from those three, the most important thing to remember is do a water change every single day, or once every two days. Keep a safe and clean environment for your fish. Make sure to keep the proper temperature and salinity according to what betta fish usually has in their habitat. That way, you can beautify your betta fish vase with bamboo nicely.

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Tommy Hilfiger Mission Paisley Curtains for Room Decoration

People are often confused on how to decorate a room with Tommy Hilfiger Mission Paisley curtains. Well, since it is the first release, Paisley pattern has made it way inside many people’s heart. Curtains become one of coverings that adopt this pattern, and Tommy Hilfiger curtains product is one amongst them. In fact, even though its sales ranking is quite high, many house owners doesn’t have any single ideas on how to match them or what to pair them up with. That’s why here are some big line ideas that you might want to consider when putting up your Tommy Hilfiger product.


This is the first and most important aspect to think about. No matter what design, styles, colors, or patterns you desire to put on, it will not accomplish anything but one pointless room without harmony. In other words, you need to consider the balance of everything inside your room. Start with imagining those Tommy Hilfiger Curtains on your windows. What could be best to compliment them with?


Here’s a solution if you are confused to answer the first question in the first point. If you don’t know what color scheme or theme to choose, go with the classic look: monochromatic tones. They can solve almost any general color problem. Choose Tommy Hilfiger Mission Paisley curtains in black and white tones, or white and beige.


If you have any favorite color to display on your curtains, go for it. But be considerate! Does it go well with your furniture and appliances theme colors? Different color shades are indeed evoking different atmosphere throughout the room. Find the color palettes in your chosen paisley curtains stores. Don’t hesitate to consult with an interior designer. They sure know what to do to make your desired paisley comes to realization.


Look for any other pattern designs and styles that would suit the paisley curtains well. For example, stripes as patterns are also a good combination to go with. This could be used as an option whenever you are bored with your current theme mixing. The key feature here is paisley and stripes looks almost the same, yet they are different. It is such a simple reason for a neat and tidy look.

Feel free to adjust your room with your curtains. As long as it goes well, you will keep your guests entertained. So, this is the time to hunt your Tommy Hilfiger Mission Paisley curtains!

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Harley Quinn Comforter Set and Its Maintenance Tips

As we know, just right after the release of Suicide Squad movie, many people are hunting for the Harley Quinn comforter set. Whether it is children or teenagers, many of them are being in love with this character. Do you have the same interest as them? If not, are you looking for a set to fulfill your beloved children wish? Well, no matter which one it is, here are some important things to know.

Harley Quinn Comforter Set

Mostly, people will try to match everything in their room. Having a room with organized look can bring a delightful feeling and of course add the aesthetic. It is no wonder that many people then try to hunt things that come inset. One of the most popular one is comforter set. Comforter is a good start to match almost everything you need in a bedroom. It is a quick choice and a great escape for saving money as well. Moreover, you do not need to waste time and energy in finding the pieces one by one. Thus, finding Harley Quinn comforter set also brings relieve for people who fall in love with this wild yet adorable character.

The well-known comforter set under Harley Quinn design is the Duvet set. The pieces in this set include two pillow covers and duvet cover at least. For the duvet cover, it usually comes in three choices: the twin, queen, and king size. Before making the transaction, you should order or choose the right size for the bed first. It will be funny when you just realize that the cover is too small or big when you are just going to put it on the bed.

A new Harley Quinn comforter set looks so amazing and flashy indeed. However, you need to remember that everything will get dull if you do not give it a good maintenance. Harley Quinn set comes in many kinds of fabric. Each of them requires its own maintaining way. One similarity from them is only the needs of washing it gently. Use a mild detergent as well to clean up the dirt. For more tips, you should not hang the set pieces under the shining sun for long time. It is also suggested that you keep away any kinds of food or beverage from the pieces. When you spill drinks or foods, they may give a bad looking stain for your Harley Quinn comforter set.

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Using Marshalls Throw Pillows to Decorate the Room

Marshalls throw pillows are always purchased by homeowners who want to make their living room looks better. Throw pillows are the kind of pillow you place on the couch or in chairs. The pillows are relatively small, so they can be used a pad to give comfort on the back or you can hug them as well. Marshalls is the best manufacturer of pillows, including throw pillows. Their products can surely decorate the living room of yours with ease. How to do so? Here are the tips.

Choose Playful Patterns

Marshalls are well known for its creativity when it comes to design. There are a lot designs available for the throw pillows. There are patterns, printed quotes, cartoon characters, and many more as the pillow’s design. To make your living room looks less boring; choose Marshalls throw pillows with playful patterns. It will complement the neutral color theme of living room. This is why you can pile up any throw pillows with bright color and bold design for the living room.

Accessorize with Basket

A wicker basket is the perfect accessory for the Marshalls decorations. The basket can be placed by the couch where the throw pillows are piling up. When the couch is needed to sit, the pillows can be stored on the basket, which looks amazing in the living room as well. A wicker basket is not expensive at all to get, making it is impossible to find it hard to get one for the living room.

Use Different-Sized Pillows

There are several different sizes of throw pillows produced by Marshalls. You can use all of them to make the living room looks beautiful and unique. Displaying different-sized pillows make the living room more cheerful and great to look at. That is why everyone should consider of collecting all sizes of the throw pillows.

Besides of the three tips above, surely there are more tips to come when it comes to the idea of decorating living room using Marshalls’ pillows. The pillows are easy to get and inexpensive, so you can get as many as you want with ease. Use them to decorate not only for your living room, but also bedroom. It can also be used for outdoor living, such as to be placed on a porch swing or in the patio. Basically, Marshalls throw pillows are versatile and certainly worth all the money.

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The Reasons that Make People Miss BFG Rugged Terrain Discontinued Products

There are many kinds of tire products for adventure, and BFG rugged terrain discontinued product can be one of them. The BFG rugged terrain becomes one of the popular tires; unluckily it is no longer available in market. The manufacturer already discontinues the product. Of course, there are some good points about this tire that make it so popular.

It is true that many adventurers miss BFG rugged terrain tires. The tires have become great options for all terrains condition. They are so great when they deal with all kinds of surface. These are able to provide strong grip to make the cars able to run well and safely. There are still other things that make people love the tires.

1. Tread design
The tires use great tread design. The design is quite different compared to the other tire products, even if they are also for all-terrain condition. It makes the BFG rugged trail so popular. The tread gives comfortable riding and it gives quiet experiences even if the tires must handle rocky and muddy tracks.


2. Rubber quality

The rubber quality of the tire is extremely great. It has good combination of strength and elasticity. By having the combination, then the tires will not be easily torn by the stones. Sharp edges of stones will not be big problems for the surface of tires. Then, the elasticity gives better handling and suspension for the car. The rubber quality also makes the tires less slippery on the wet roads. That is why people miss the BFG rugged terrain discontinued product.


3. Jagged edge

Then, the tires are manufactured by computerized engine. It gives great design of jagged edge. The design of tire is not only to make it look great. It really gives great benefits since many drivers have experienced that the tires are able to trap the noises.

All of those points make the tires so popular. Many adventures and off-roaders love to choose the tires. Although it may not be the best products for real off-read trails, it gives flexibility since the range and quality are between the on-road and off-road quality. The specification and characteristics give great benefits as it makes the tires able to handle many kinds of terrains and tracks. With them, adventurers will not need to change the tires when there are no extreme tracks. These are the reasons why people miss BFG rugged terrain discontinued products because it is hard to find tires with the same quality as the discontinued products.

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Roscoe the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog to Solve Your Problem

If you feel like you have a problem with bed bug, it may be the best to immediately call Roscoe the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog for its assistance. This is not coming out of nowhere since Roscoe has appeared multiple times in Animal Planet, GMA, and CNBC to have a presentation for his incredible skill. Trained by one of the best dog training institutions, graduated from FSI and a handler for WDDO certification, he is the perfect detective for your bed bug problem. Apartments, stores, hospitals, no matter where the bed bugs are, Roscoe will find them all. Read the following paragraph for further details about his team.

This paragraph explains how Roscoe the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog and his detective pals will solve your problem. If you think that something’s wrong with your bed, in this case, bed bugs hitchhiking your bedding, you can call Roscoe and his team for their detection service. You may not know what is the cause of bites and itch that you are feeling, so it is the best for you to call them right away so they will determine whether you are, indeed, having a bed bug problem, or not. Referring to various studies results, there are chances of 98% accuracy for a trained dog to detect the presence of bed bugs. With this, you seriously shouldn’t underestimate Roscoe.

If they find out that you are in trouble, they will take the next step by offering you the protection service. This service is said to be an exclusive one where they determine the next step to solve your problem. In this service, the Roscoe the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog and his team will give you the treatment that you need for the problem that you experience. It will also remove any unexpected cost that you usually will have when you are treating this kind of problem. As for you who wants to ensure whether your new apartment is free from bed bugs, the service called inspect before rent might be the perfect option out of the other services.

Are you are interested in this famous beagle? If yes, you can find him on his special Roscoe the bed bug dog commercial, “Where’s Roscoe?” and Bell Environmental official page. There is information provided by the website regarding the service they offer for you to read before deciding which one is the best for you. Now, like a friendly dog he is, you can always drop some words to Roscoe the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog through his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Wood Panelling Stair For A Creative Home Design

Making the best use of every inch of the space in your flat is very important if your flat is relatively small in size. That is why, many people have tried to use their creativity to have lofted bed as one of the main furniture in this situation. Many people have succeeded, but many more people have failed to deliver a nice, comfortable, and well-designed home style in their flat, according to Designestyle. One of the biggest mistake that usually ruin the design of lofted bed is the stairs. You may think that this element is simple, but choosing the wrong one will just make your lofted bed look so forced and unnatural. That is why you need wood panelling stair for your room.

Wood Panel Stair

If you are experiencing this situation, you may have to learn from what Zoku did with this picture. This room is very well-designed since the room is very small with just 24 square meters in size. Every single space is brilliantly used and creatively utilize. You can see that the bed is artistically hidden behind a creative wood slat wall on the second floor. However, form all of the furniture you see from the pictures, the one that steal our attention is the wood panelling stair.

The stair is simply perfect for the room. It is not only making the owner easier to go to the bed, but it is also making the room look fantastic. Unlike other ordinary stairway, this stairway is very unique as the space below the stair can still be used for some interior. We can learn that the key of this magnificent stair design comes from the wood panel that is being used for almost the entire part of the room. The same wood panel with the same color tone is being used for the floor, the bed slat wall, and the dining table. The balance of the material usage makes the stair becomes even more unique. If you think this design best suit your needs, then maybe it is a high time for you to install this wood panelling stair.

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Wood Panel Ideas For Your Comfortable Bathroom

When it comes to natural bathroom design, there is nothing in this world which can win over wood panel bathroom ideas. Having furniture and design made mainly from wood is believed to be the effective way to give the sense of nature come into the house. This is mainly because the wood itself is natural material with unique structure and color. Hence, making your bathroom design mainly made from wood can be a good way to make your bathroom become more refreshing and fashionable at the same time.

Stay Natural

One impression that you can get from taking a closer look at the pictures shown is how the room can stay natural but also can give the bathroom a sophisticated look. The wood panel bathroom design is the artwork made by Monika Rogsuz. The idea of staying simple can be the perfect idea to use the wood as the main material for the bathroom. Plus, you do not have to worry about the color selection that you have to face with the furniture because the wood can go with any color.

Firstly, you have to pick the right color of the wood material that you are going to use. Pick the soft brown one. That will work best for the bathroom as this color can give a comfortable atmosphere, something that you need while you are at the bathroom. After that, you can make the wood for the floor. From the picture, we can also see that deciding some parts of the wall to be covered by the same wood material as the floor is also a good idea. Finally, you just have to deal with the furniture. The main message that we can get from these pictures is how we should stay white for the main furniture. This will simply make the wood have its essence and steal the attention of our eyes. Once you have wood panel bathroom, these tips will be just the key guide that you should follow.

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Lofted Bed For A Minimalist Style

Lofted bed design has been well perceived as one of the best furniture when it comes to a relatively small flat. Having a limited space for your living space can be hard. You have to make sure that it is comfortable and well-designed, but you also have to make sure that the room is practical and not too crowded. One of the best way to make sure that you fulfil this visualization in your mind is by having a lofted bed design in your flat. This is one of the best example on how to do it well.

Lofted Bed

The pictures shown are visualized by Anna Denisova. The room is design with minimalist idea and put a lot more attention to the graphics and cleanliness. This will allow you to find the unique, smartly-made furniture for the room. The design is simply unbelievable as the limited space can successfully transformed into a comfortable bedroom and a cozy living room. Plus, this design is very unique in its own way.

One major problem of having this kind of bed is the risk of falling down when we are sleeping. Once it happen, there will be a serious danger to ourselves. That is why making sure that the design should take care of this possibility. In that case, the designer may have been aware of the situation as the lofted platform in the room is made much bigger than the bed itself. This is very beneficial in two ways. First, it will reduce the risk of falling down form the bed and secondly, it can add the style of the room.

Generally you can stay white with all of the things in the room, but having a brown wood wall design for the living room below the bed ca be very artistic as you can see from the pictures. This simple yet breathtaking design start from a simplelofted bed design.

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