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Amtrak Modify Trip with Step by Step Guide to Change Your Amtrak Reservations

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Amtrak modify trip

Are you looking for an Amtrak modify trip tutorial? Look no further than this post. If you are a frequent Amtrak passenger, there are some unexpected cases that make you have to change your current reservation. With Amtrak, you will get the ability to change your dates and times of the trip or even modify your sleeping or seating options. Keep in mind that you can make those changes if you make a reservation through the mobile app or the official website of Amtrak. Read on to know how to modify your current Amtrak bookings.

Changing Amtrak bookings through the website

  1. If you booked your existing ticket through the official online platform of Amtrak, then you can easily make changes to your reservation. You simply need to go to the Amtrak online platform at Select the “Login” option on the left side of the page and enter your email address and password to get access to your account.
  2. How to change Amtrak reservation if you don’t have an account? If you made your online reservation as a guest, select “My Trip” located under the “Login” option. Here, you will be required to provide your email address and reservation number or sometimes just your phone number. To change the details of your tickets, click on “Modify Trip”. Make changes as your desire and click on “Next” to submit the changes once you are finished.

 Changing Amtrak bookings through the mobile app

  1. Before you begin, do note that this Amtrak modify trip tutorial is only applicable if you booked your existing ticket through the Amtrak mobile application. First, launch the app and provide the details to log into your Amtrak account. Once you are redirected to the home screen, you will find the details of your scheduled travel, as well as a form to obtain other bookings. There are two ways to modify your trip.
  2. On the home screen of Amtrak mobile app, tap on the “Trip Tools” option and select the “Modify Reservation” option. Then, enter your phone number or email and your reservation number to get the details of your existing tickets. Tap on the “Change Trip” option and make any changes you want.

The barcode of your ticket will be immediately updated once you finished making changes. Therefore, there is no need for you to print a new ticket. If you don’t want to print out your ticket, you simply need to show the ticket barcode in PDF from your mobile devices. Performing Amtrak modify trip tutorial is that easy.

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