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American Airlines Rebooking Online Procedure and Step by Step Guide

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American Airlines Rebooking Online Procedure and Step by Step Guide

The process of American Airlines rebooking used to be hassling and distressing. Luckily, it is now a thing of a past. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the carries has allowed their customers to adjust or cancel their planned or booked flights without any charge or penalty. What’s more exciting is that the procedure can be done online. Before, if you want to rebook a flight, you need to contact their reservations representative directly, which seems doesn’t sound to be very practical. In this following article, you will read how to rebook your American Airlines flight ticket via online.

If you are planning to go through American Airlines rebooking flight process, make sure that you have prepared two things: your ‘Record Locator’ or confirmation code that consists of 6 characters and can be found in the confirmation email sent when your trip is booked, and your ticked number that comprises of 13 digits starting with ‘001’. Note that the ticket numbers for add on features like bags, seats and upgrades are available separately. The ticket number can be located on the confirmation email as well, but also in your credit card statement, or your received receipt from the booking service or CTO (city ticket office).

Now, follow these steps below to perform the American Airlines rebooking procedure successfully. Consider to contact the American Airlines reservations if you need help with this process.

  1. Visit the American Airlines official site address at
  2. Enter the ‘Manage trips / Check-in’ menu
  3. Select ‘View canceled trips’ then type in the required details related to your trip
  4. Open ‘Your trip’ menu page and check the details of your ‘Flight Credits’
  5. Go back to the homepage of American Airlines website and open the new flight
  6. Open the payment menu and select ‘Add flight credit’
  7. Type in the ticket number of your canceled flight and then apply the credit

Note: It’s possible to use credit card to pay the rest of balance if your credit is not enough

According to the statement by American Airlines officials, this rebooking online feature is provided for domestic single-passenger flights only, but there may be some circumstances where it becomes eligible for multi-passenger flights. At this point, it is also yet to be available for cross-country flights.

This feature is not the only improvement made by this carrier over the past months. Recently, American also created a chat feature for mobile application, as well as a tool that gives its consumers the latest information about travel and health restrictions. However, the American Airlines rebooking feature indeed seems as the biggest and the most useful one to help the travelers.

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