About Us

Dr. Eats is a story that starts like many other great ideas – out of the desire to create something that we wish existed.

More Convenience:
The concept was born out of our love of food and the fact that we are extremely lazy. We never want to cook, let alone get into the car and drive to get our food. Delivery is the only option for survival. But, still, we must get up off the couch and shuffle through messy drawers looking for menus, only to find one or two that are outdated and destroyed. If only there was a one step process to get food delivered more easily. The thought of such a utopia tickled our lazy bone.

More Secure & Flexible Payments:
Sometimes neither of us have any cash on hand. That ATM might be across the street, but it might as well be fourteen hundred miles away. And did I mention we are even more paranoid than lazy? The idea of giving out our credit card number over the phone or to a person who shows up at the door freaks us out. If there was a way to pay for our food with an encrypted secure online connection, we would feel a lot more comfortable. We made that a reality with DrEats.com.

More Efficiency:
We were excited by the idea of seeing all the menus in one place and being able to choose what we want the way we want it. No longer would we have to wait on hold or get busy signals only to ultimately have our orders messed up. Absolutely no offense to our heroes in the food service industry, but when they are the busiest, there can be a breakdown in communication and human error can lead to the order not being taken correctly. We knew that there could be a better way, and that way is DrEats.com.

More Choices:
If there was a no / low cost solution for restaurants to advertise, they would be crazy not to participate. Keeping the cost low for them has created a tremendous number of choices for all the lazy hungry people like us. With DrEats.com, we now have all our options and menus at our fingertips. Join us in the revolution of food ordering online.

The days of ordering from the same place all the time are OVER. Live a little – next time order some Thai, Indian, or one of the many other choices!

Enjoy the site and happy browsing!