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AARP Flight Discounts Guide and Other Beneficial Membership Deals to Gain

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AARP Flight Discounts Guide and Other Beneficial Membership Deals to Gain

AARP flight discounts are some of the interesting benefits available for members of the organization. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is an interest group based in the USA that focuses on various issues related to citizens over 50 years old. According to the most recent data by the organization, there are more than 38 million members. Beyond airfare discount, it has other valuable benefits, services, and resources as well.

AARP travel discounts come handy to take if you cannot find better deal from other places. It will help to save some of your budget for the trip. That being said, AARP flight discounts are unfortunately not all applicable for all carriers out there.

Here is a list to guide you on AARP flights discount for seniors:

British Airways

Members of AARP can save up to $200 for Business Class ticket or $65 for Economy and Premium Economy ticket. These discounts are provided for round-trip intercontinental ticket purchases to more than 130 destinations across the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

You may find more detailed information about British Airways flight ticket discount for AARP members in this airline’s official website, with user-friendly features and automatically applied AARP discount.


American Airlines

Unfortunately, there is currently no particular American Airlines airfare discount you can get by being an AARP member. However, you can use Expedia-powered AARP Travel Center to get the best deal for this matter.


United Airlines

No special discount currently available for AARP members for United Airlines airfare, but consider exploring interesting deals through AARP Travel Center.


Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines doesn’t provide any flight ticket discount for AARP members yet. Get the best deals with this carrier by using AARP Travel Center.


Delta Airlines

Similarly, there is no available discount from Delta Airlines for AARP members, but you can save some money on your flight ticket by booking via AARP Travel Center.


JetBlue Airways

At this point, AARP members cannot get discounts when purchasing JetBlue Airways ticket, but they can get other deals via AARP Travel Center.


Frontier Airlines

AARP is yet to have member discount with Frontier Airlines. Still, you may use AARP Travel Center to find some great deals.

Another best category of deals provided for AARP members is hotel discounts program. AARP cooperates with a total of 4 giant global hotel chains (Hilton, Wyndham, Radisson, and Choice Hotels) and 2 large independent ones. The 4 mentioned multinational hotel chains operate over 50 brands for broader spectrum of deals.

There are other numerous discounts, services, and programs offered by the membership. That being said, remember to check the current travel restrictions and CDC guidelines before using AARP flight discounts to fly to your destinations.

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