Yard House Spicy Tuna Roll as Its Specialty

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Yard House Spicy Tuna Roll

Yard House Spicy Tuna Roll is probably one of the best and most recommended menus in Yard House restaurant. This place emphasizes the concept of simple foods inside the restaurant; in that sense, it brings many menus of fast food into the restaurant. One of those menus is Spicy Tuna Roll that has been considered as its top menu.

The Spicy Tuna Roll from Yard House is made from seared tuna, avocado, edamame, wasabi, and cucumber. Notice something is missing? Yes, the rice; rolls are usually identical with the rice as it is similar to the sushi from Japan. Yard House Spicy Tuna Roll just comes with different name; that is all. Besides, the portion is way too big for the level of rolls; in general, they come in small sized, sufficient enough for one bite.

Those weak reviews nonetheless, this roll is made of fresh ingredient, which adds distinctive flavor to the food. Besides, the fish used is very fresh it can melt on your tongue without munching it. On top of that, the combination of all ingredients blends perfectly, creating distinctiveness for everyone who tastes this. Simply put, Yard House Spicy Tuna Roll is quite of good menu.

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