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SFO to Barcelona Nonstop Flight Details that You May Haven’t Know

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SFO to Barcelona Nonstop Flight Details that You May Haven’t Know

If you are looking to fly from San Fransisco to Barcelona nonstop, unfortunately, there are only few options available. Since taking nonstop flight has many benefits, it is more preferable for many people. The flight is considerable shorter since it goes directly to the destination airport in Barcelona from origin airport which is the SFO without having to transit or having stops as connection between two locations. So naturally, the path taken is shorter resulting in less flight time. The complication potential is also decreasing; there is no need to worry about delayed flight and arriving late.

Here are some details regarding the SFO to Barcelona nonstop flight that you might want to know or curious about.

The flight time

The distance between San Francisco to Barcelona is roughly 9600 km or 6000 miles. It would take you about 11 hours and 35 minutes to get there, so it’s a long-haul flight. It is really short compared to other flights. For example, one-stop flight from SF to BCN could take up to 15 hours, and depending on the airlines, stopovers, and waiting time, it could take 35+ hours, excluding the waiting period at intermediate airports which could take up anywhere from 1 hour to 22 hours.


The airlines

The airlines that carry nonstop flights San Fransisco to Barcelona are including the American Airlines, Iberia Airlines, and Finnair airlines. However, the most common flight to fly from United States to Spain is New York to Madrid, which the route taken the most by those airlines mentioned.


The ticket price

The price of the ticket could range anywhere between US $300 to $500. But if you’re lucky, you might find an offering deal with discount that could cut up the price as low as $200. Since nonstop ticket are more preferred by people, the airfare is pricier than the others. The seats would be sold out faster, generate raising on cost and more expensive prices seats.

Due to high demand, finding affordable flight might be difficult, moreover you have less selection regarding the airline choices. However, knowing that you do not need additional stress in between visiting intermediate airport is worth it, especially if you only have limited time to get into Barcelona. The advantage of using non-stops outweigh is its disadvantages. To get more information related to SFO to Barcelona nonstop, browse various informative sites and find yourself the best and nicest deal regarding the flight.

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