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Poconos Weekend Getaway Deals, a Holiday at the Famous Peak in Pennsylvania

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Poconos Weekend Getaway Deals, a Holiday at the Famous Peak in Pennsylvania

After all the COVID-19 restrictions to travel, you might want to take your loved ones to get the benefit from Poconos weekend getaway deals. Well, that sounds like a great vacation to plan. However, some of you may have not known yet where the world Pocono is.

To explain it a bit, Pocono is a mountainous area in Pennsylvania. In this area, you can get fun with your loved ones in all seasons. Starting off from having a romantic stay in one of the top-liner Pocono resorts, having some retreat at its hot springs, or even getting the romance boosted up by enjoying the lake. In winter, you may also consider skiing, which is one of the most sought activities while in the Poconos. For that, you may start to find some services offering you Poconos package deals.

So, below we will talk a bit about some FAQs before you finally purchase Poconos weekend getaway deals.

When should you go to the Poconos?

Getting on board at the best time is the first thing to know to plan your holiday trip better. And for a lovely trip to the Pocono Mountain, you can plan it on summer, fall, or winter. Why no spring? Well, it is because spring doesn’t bring any special/unique activities to do.

However, taking a trip on spring may give you an excellent budget to tackle. Spring is typically offering you the lowest rates, and you can say it’s quite significant when compared to the other three seasons.


To what airport you are flying to go to the Poconos?

The closest airport would be the Wilkes-Barre Airport, which is also called as Scranton International Airport. To the center of the mountain, this airport is just 38 miles away.


When can you ski in Poconos?

Poconos Weekend Getaway Deals, a Holiday at the Famous Peak in Pennsylvania

The Poconos doesn’t snow all year long, given the first snowfall typically happens around October-November and extends until late March or early April. However, the ski season generally begins around mid until late November. As if ensuring to the snow to take place first, resorts too, are just opening at early December.


Are the Poconos crowded?

Yes, during the peak season. Typically the peak season happens around May to October, during the time when the snow starts to melt and the weather gets warmer as summer comes.


How much is a Poconos trip?

In general, the 7-day trip to the Pocono will take around $1,800+ for solo traveler. While for couple and a family of four, it will be $3,300+ and $6,200+ respectively. Keep in mind that this is the average pricing, so that can be higher during the high season and vice versa.

So, ready to have your holiday to the Pocono? Plan your holiday now by contacting some providers of Poconos weekend getaway deals!

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