Bonaire Dive Resorts: 3 Best Resort Options You Can Choose for the Upcoming Holiday

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Bonaire Dive Resorts

Planning to find some Bonaire dive resorts? You have come to the right place. This article will show some great places in Bonaire known to be dive resorts.

Well, you may successfully collect money for a holiday trip to the Caribbean Sea. It’s been a hectic saving period and you surely also have a lot of desire to diminish, but it’s totally worth the wait. Now that Bonaire is in front of your eyes, booking a diving resort is one of the things to check on your list.

The article below sums up some renowned Bonaire dive resorts which you can choose for your holiday by the Caribbean Sea.

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort

What’s better than a beach resort with a casino? This place has the answer: nothing! In Divi beach resort, you will be able to be surrounded by the magnificent look of Caribbean Sea while also being able to enjoy the glam of traveling in luxury.

Enjoy the on-site spa service while also planning to go to the casino for playing the gamble a bit. Or, you can lounge all day while listening to the swish of the Caribbean Sea. You may also enjoy the sun-warmed pool. This TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice in 2021 deserves a spot in your list!


Harbour Village Beach Club

At much pricier price compared to the list in #1, Harbour Village Beach marks its way as another best resort to visit while searching for Bonarie dive resorts all inclusive. What could be offered from this place?

At first, we also wonder why this place is placing much pricier price for its visitors. But as we learn more about this place, everything becomes clear. Being a beach club, the place has its own exclusive beach to offer. And guess what, the beachfront is unspoiled making it to be specific only for the Harbour beach club visitors.

There are also more room types offered. Ranging from ocean view room, family rooms, suites, and non-smoking rooms, you can choose one that suits your preference and budget.

Another good amenity they offer is its diving-inclusive staying price. To get this service, you can directly call the staff for more information about the activity.


Eden Beach Resort

Need another option of great resort? Eden Beach Resort could be one of them as well. At a price slightly pricier than #1, this resort offers everything basic you might need from a resort. There are three types of rooms in this resort, ranging from ocean view, suites, and non-smoking rooms. Compared to the option #1, you cannot get a suite there.

So, which resort you are planning to choose? Make sure to book your Bonaire dive resorts since the resorts can be easily full booked!

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