Bethpage Black Tee Times and Three Useful Tips to Make the Process Easier

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Bethpage Black Tee Times and Three Useful Tips to Make the Process Easier

If you are planning to get a hold of Bethpage Black tee times, then this post will show you how. Unlike majority of strictly off-limits popular golf courses, Bethpage Black is a publicly owned and operated premium course, especially for the residents of the New York States. It is accessible for anyone in relatively much lower price than the others.

Here are three extremely helpful and important tips of making tee times at Bethpage Black:

Book your chance online

Clearly, making a reservation from the comfort of your home (or honestly anywhere you currently are) is the most convenient methods of all. To book Bethpage Black tee times via online, you need to register an account and log into the reservation system to check the available tee time.

The residents of New York are allowed to book up to 1 week in prior while the non-resident of this state may book up to 5 days in prior. You can book the reservation through their online website maximum once per 28 days.


Visit in-person and arrive early

This tip may sound too obvious, but it’s really important to turn up early as potential golfers receive spot number to queue their serve. Bethpage Black is famous for its ‘Bethpage Inn’, which is the parking lot where a lot of visitors usually coming up as early as 4 P.M during high-peak seasons like spring and summer to grab their spot. Off-season and weekdays are not as crowded, but just note that golfers showing up in the midnight and still cannot secure their tee times is not exactly unheard of.


Get ready to sleep in your car

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances is, sleeping inside a car is never a pleasing experience. However, you can make it slightly more comfortable by doing a proper preparation. Use sleeping pad or yoga mat with soft texture to prevent your head to bump into the instrument panel or your hip to be dug by the seatbelt buckle. It is also going to be nice to have noise-cancelling headphones and a sleep mask to increase the chance of getting a somewhat restful night.

In addition, you also need to get ready to wake up abruptly between 4.30 to 5 A.M, when the staff will usually knock on the golfer’s door car to give a claiming tee time ticket.

Except for the sleeping in a car part, the process of securing tee times at the Bethpage Black is actually quite easy. Do consider following the tips of grabbing Bethpage Black tee times above if trying to play golf at this acclaimed course is one of the items in your bucket list.

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