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Arturo’s Pizza NYC, a Classic Coal-Oven Pizza Parlor and Live Music

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Arturo’s Pizza NYC, a Classic Coal-Oven Pizza Parlor and Live Music

In a metropolis where numerous pizza restaurants boast their artisan toppings, wood-burning ovens, or even new NYC style pizza, Arturo’s pizza NYC remains unchanged. The lines in this neighborhood joint might not be as long as at other places, but there is still a crowd waiting for dinner. Unlike other pizza joints, Arturo’s is the closest coal-oven parlor everyone can ever visit in Soho.

Despite a series of celebrity-autographed photos on the wall and in the windows, the tourists seem largely unaware of this small eatery. The Arturo’s pizza NYC menu can be considered relatively simple and has possibly not changed since it was established in 1957. A number of diners are served with standard Italian red-sauce, such as shrimp marinara, linguine with clam sauce, and veal parmigiana. But in this establishment, coal-oven pizza is the most popular menu.

You will get fresh mozzarella cheese on top of your 16-inch pizza with only a few bucks more than the price for a 13-inch pizza. In addition to this, you will get to taste the pleasantly savory of the light-charred edges of the crust. Pepperoni, calamari, spinach, lobster, fresh basil, and sausage are among the most popular toppings ordered in Arturo’s pizza NYC. A large-sized pie is more than enough to feed two or four starving adults if you also order arugula salad topped with baked clams or shredded parmesan—fresh and flavorful in the bulk of plain bread crumbs.

The pizza in Arturo’s is quite serviceable. It’s not about the crispy, foldable crusts or even the airy dough. It’s not also about the charred edges you will find on some of the other coal-oven pizzerias in New York City. For some New Yorkers, Arturo’s is the place to meet with friends and not to give too much thought about the food itself while enjoying the company with each other on worn leather boots. With that being said, if you are highly concerned with the most sought-after pizzas in NYC, it might be best to head to the other pizza parlors. However, if you held a large party and would like to avoid crowded joints, Arturo’s is the best choice.

Again, many are coming to Arturo’s for the distinct atmosphere. Apart from the booths, guests can also enjoy the paintings personally done by the owner himself—Arturo Giunta. You should have to know that Arturo’s pizza NYC is a place where you can enjoy live music while savoring the coal-oven pie.

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